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Tree-Pods created by Greenspeakers
The Greenspeaker, Nethrin

The Greenspeakers (also known as Greenshapers,[1] Green-Singers,[UOL 1] Home Singers,[2] Pod-Singers,[3] and Tree Shapers)[4] are Bosmeri practitioners of nature magic who work in tandem with the Green Pact to shape the environment into settlements such as villages and even cities. They enhance the growth of Graht-oak trees and branches to form furniture, weapons, and even housing called Pod-Homes.[5] They also craft it into bridges and platforms,[6] as well as gates[7] and large temples.[8] They also create items of everyday use with the usage of the magic, such as flatware.[9]

As they shape the trees into homes, the wood leaves behind wilted and useless samples of heartwood, which are then re-purposed into decorations by the locals.[10]

Some of the mages employed by the Vinedusk Rangers are also accomplished greenspeakers. They are frequently used whenever the Graht-oak of Vinedusk Village is destroyed and they need to move their location. They plant the seeds and the growing process takes a few days until it is completely built.[11]

The Falinesti were considered the greatest greenspeakers in history and their end goal was to create the perfect fusion of city and forest, which led to the creation of modern-day Falinesti, the capital of Valenwood.[12]

Phrastus of Elinhir claims that the Greenshapers and Spinners are not mutually exclusive but if one wanted to become a Greenshaper, they do not need to become a Priest of Y'ffre like a spinner.[UOL 1]



  • Greenspeakers are not to be confused with druids, which are Bretonic in origin.


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