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The Scenarist Guild is an ancient guild with a presence across all of Tamriel.[1] The Guild is for troubadours, bards, and minstrels; guild members are called Scenarists. The guild has a presence in every significant city across the provinces, but it is based in a citadel nestled in the Dragontail Mountains, which is protected from trespassers by a magical barrier.[2] The guild was ruled with an iron fist by Nesmyt in the late Third Era, although it had existed for hundreds of years before he took command.[1]

The Scenarist Guild offers guided tours in the cities, and helps people traverse the provinces physically, interactively, spiritually, and historically. It also answers riddles and puzzles.[1] The notes and observations made by the Scenarists have been compiled into a thousand impressive volumes.[2] A neutral guild member not associated with any geographic entity acts as an observer, keeping others' accounts honest and free from inborn or regional bias.[1] In 3E 370, Nesmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charged with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn in 3E 399.[2] Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Daggerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine to the Oracle of Hammerfell. The guild possesses a Monster Watch Grid, which was used to locate the thousands of dark minions which were released by the Underking in the events leading up to the Warp in the West.[1]


  • The Scenarist Guild appeared to have been in operation in 2E 582, as evidenced by the appearance of "Iszara the Restless", who claimed to be a 'Singer' of the Scenarist Guild in several Loremaster's Archive Q&As dated to that year. [UOL 1]
  • There is another guild that employs ministrels appropriately called the Minstrels Guild, which was sanctioned by the Second Empire in 2E 321. It is unknown how it is related to the Scenarist Guild.[3]

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