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Flesh Sculpture (Legends)

Flesh sculpture is a style of magic based around the manipulation of flesh of living beings, be it for healing or for cosmetic purposes such as changing one's face.[1][2]

While seemingly obscure, flesh sculpting isn't something reserved to the underworld of Tamriel. The "art" of flesh-sculpture can be traced back to the Daedraphiles, Ayleid city-states who adopted widespread Daedra worship in the Late Merethic Era. The Ayleids subjected their slaves to the practice to honor the Daedric Princes they worshipped.[3] Legend speaks of the Wailing Wheels of Vindasel, where the Ayleids derived strange pleasure by subjecting Nedic slaves to the "art-torture" of using their skin for flesh sculptures.[4][5] The exiled Barsaebic Ayleids brought this horrific art form with them to Black Marsh, where they enslaved local Argonians for the color and texture of their skin.[4][6] Cloudrest contains a Faculty of Chirurgeons where masters of flesh sculpture teach their art. Nohotogrha, an oasis found in Hammerfell, is also home to flesh sculptors known as the Hollow-Faced Men. One known practitioner of this art, Galathil, claims to have learned her art in both of these places circa 4E 201.[1] According to Galathil, flesh sculpting cannot be used on the dead, which includes those afflicted with vampirism.[1] Despite its magical nature, changing one's appearance requires conventional surgical tools such as knives.[1]

Circa 2E 582, some necromancers used flesh sculpting as a means of healing themselves and others.[2]

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