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Frostcasters working with Stalhrim

The Frostcasters are Skaal shamans of All-Maker known for their mastery of Frost Magic. Not all Skaal shamans are Frostcasters; the title is reserved for those who specialize in Frost Magic. They were known to skillfully integrate Stalhrim into their arms and armor, creating decorative pieces.[1][2]

King Logrolf of Windhelm had a collection of Frostcaster clothing, documented by the renowned Imperial Ethnographer Doctor Alfidia Lupus during her visit to his Embassy in the mid-Second Era.[1] Apart from the Frostcaster garbs, stalhrim armors of a distinctive style known as Stalhrim Frostguard were also documented by Doctor Alfidia Lupus.[3]

The Skaal tribe's shamans domesticated Snow Leopard Sabre Cats as mounts, intending to keep them exclusive. However, it is unknown if there were Frostcasters among them.[4] While information about Frostcasters is confined to the Second Era, the shamanistic practices and shamans of the Skaal continued to hold a role in Skaal culture into the Third,[5] and Fourth Era. However, none of these shamans were referred to as Frostcasters.[6][7]

While there are no known named Frostcasters, notable individuals like Skaal Shaman Rik,[8][9] Korst Wind-Eye,[5] Storn Crag-Strider, and his daughter Frea were recognized as shamans within the Skaal tribe.[6][7] There were also priests, some attempting to spread the faith of the All-Maker on the mainland,[10] and witches known as Windcallers dedicated to the All-Maker.[9][11]