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Meryline Barthel, a thaumavocalist using her powers
Maraamur performing the Song of Sinmur

Thaumavocalism is an arcane art of both musical and magical nature that involves channeling magicka through song. Practitioners of this art are known as Thaumavocalists. In order to cast magic, thaumavocalists need to sing. At least some thaumavocalists are incapable of performing magic through traditional means with the usage of gestures or innate mental powers. Their magic is focused through music. In order to improve their abilities, they must study both magic and music. Some scholars link this ability to Tonal Architecture, though the connection between the two is doubtful. Thaumavocalists can cast spells accidentally through singing, even as children without formal magical training. Resonance crystals can be used to improve the strength of the magic of the thaumavocalists.[1]

Meryline Barthel specialized in casting illusions with the usage of her voice.[1][2]

Hadolids are known to be attracted to locations by noise,[3] and as such they are susceptible to the powers of thaumavocalists. Relatedly, the thaumavocalist Meryline Barthel used the power of her singing to pacify a Hadolid force attacking Brokerock Mine, and convince them to leave.[1]

In 2E 582, Vaermina compelled a skald to sing a tune to words found in a specific tome held in Skald's Retreat's library.[4][5] The song this bard sang plunged Skald's Retreat into a space between Mundus and Quagmire.[5][6] A performance of The Song of Sinmur, one of the old songs of the Companions was enough to wrench Skald's Retreat from Vaermina's grasp.[6]

Twilight Cantors are Khajiit priests capable of expelling dro-m'Athra through chanting, and singing.[7]


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