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The Sect of Harmonious Masters was a religious order devoted to the worship of Stendarr and mastering Restoration Magic. Its members dedicated themselves to adapting the magic of Stendarr's Light into spells, rituals, and ceremonies of cleansing and healing that can be employed by all of the mortal races. The sect originated from Altmeri city of Lillandril, as a group of Altmer who rejected the common Altmeri disinterest with Stendarr, the Apologist of Man, and embraced his mercy. Despite its Altmeri roots Harmonious Masters are open for all races, not even excepting the Beastfolk. They believed that as Stendarr, in his boundless mercy, has given all mortals the potential ability to employ his magical gifts, they should feel honor-bound to provide knowledge of these spells to all the peoples of Nirn freely and without hindrance. Their cause was to improve the general welfare of all folk in every culture.[1] They eschewed all forms of violence and turned Stendarr's glowing gift into a tool for healing. They were known to spread their knowledge freely to everyone, even to the militant adherents.[2] One of the known members of the Harmonious Masters was the author Aritanwe of Lillandril.[1]

Rituals of the Harmonious Masters was a text linked to the Templars.[1][3]

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