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A Warden using nature magic
Jephre, God of the Forest, as depicted by the Altmer

Nature Magic is the magical ability to control nature by harnessing the power of the Green. Nature magic came about through the sacrifice of Jephre and the Ehlnofey to create the laws and principles of nature.[1][2] The natural world is also deemed under the domain of Kynareth, one of the Divines and goddess of the wind and air.[3][4] Nature magic has been used by druids to overcome their physical limitations,[5] shapeshift into various animals,[6] terraform the environment around them,[7] or even invoke natural disasters to consume their foes.[8] Druids are also animists[9] who can call upon nature spirits to aid them.[10] Some Wyrd Covens also draw their power from the Earthbones, and revere nature and the elements.[11] In addition, Wardens are able to use nature magic to cause plants and fungi to grow rapidly. They can also call animals to come to their aid, and wield frost spells to combat their foes. Greenspeakers shape the environment into settlements such as villages and even cities. They enhance the growth of Graht-oak trees and branches to form furniture, weapons, and even housing called Pod-Homes.[12][13] Others such as Reachman Shamans or Daedra-worshipping Wyrd Covens may receive dark nature powers from Hagravens,[14] or Daedric Princes like Hircine.[15][16] Others still may gain power over the wilderness through pacts with nature spirits such as the Viridian Sentinel,[17][18] or were born with it such as the Wilderking.[19][20]


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