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Lore:Ivory Brigade

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The banner of Leyawiin, featuring the Ivory Brigade's coat of arms
Captian Rian Liore

The Ivory Brigade was a military force based out of Leyawiin during the Three Banners War. They were established to protect Blackwood against the three great alliances.[1] The Ivory Brigade was founded by Rian Liore, a former Legionaire. He selected an ivory horse on a field of green, the ancient symbol of Leyawiin, to be the group's coat of arms.[2] After being debated by Leyawiin's Chamber of Legates, the Brigade's name and function were officially implemented.[1] After the fall of the Empire, the Brigade rose to replace its legions,[3] recruiting veterans of the Three Banners War,[4] native Blackwooders, and former legionaires,[1] as well as using their armaments.[2]

The Brigade experienced friction with the native Argonians as they expanded to the farthest reaches of Blackwood. Seeking to establish trade routes,[5] the group reached out to the locals in negotiation.[6] Due to previous experiences with false promises, the natives refused, leading to distrust between the two forces when the Brigade refused to leave.[7] After a series of kidnappings, one of the brigades were captured by Argonian forces for questioning. Though tensions rose to the point of considering execution,[7] the militiamen were released following an investigation which revealed the culprit was one of the native Argonians.[8]

Circa 2E 582, the Order of the Waking Flame, a cult dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, grew in activity within Blackwood. As their plans culminated in an all-out assault on Fort Redmane, Captain Rian Liore committed half of the Ivory Brigade to the fortress' defense, keeping the remaining division in Leyawiin.[3] Together with the Black Fin Legion of General Keshu, governor of Gideon, the Brigade defended the front gate of the fortress, staving off cultist hordes until Mehrunes Dagon appeared in physical form. Both defending forces took to hiding as the Prince began assaulting the structure. Through the actions of the Vestige, Dagon was banished and the battle was won.[9] Captain Liore and General Keshu remained optimistic for a friendship between the Black Fin Legion and Ivory Brigade in the future.[3][10]