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A member of the Resolutes of Stendarr

The Resolutes of Stendarr are a group of Stendarr devotees who have sworn to help the sick and protect the weak. The Resolutes consist of holy warriors and individuals who are talented in healing magicks. Their healers are encouraged by their leaders to use those magicks unsparingly. The Resolutes of Stendarr wears silver pins to identify themselves as members of the organization.[1]

The Resolutes seek to hunt what they call the Four Abominations: Daedra, manbeasts, vampires and risen corpses. The Resolutes hold that these abominations are unnatural, and seek to drive them from Tamriel in Stendarr's name.[2] The Four Abominations abhor the light; thus the Resolutes believe that Stendarr gifted those who invoke his name with the ability to clothe themselves in an aura of blessed light. The Resolutes hold that Stendarr's faithful have adapted the gift of light to smite their enemies, as well as defend and heal their allies.[2][3][4]

It is believed that the magic devised by the Resolutes of Stendarr was used by the Templars.[UOL 1] Certain texts, authored by members of the Resolutes of Stendarr,[3][5][6][7] were linked to the Templars.[8]

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