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A Void Magic trap
A Void Sphere in formation

Void magic[1] is an arcane art associated with the Daedric Prince Namira and her followers. Its spells typically resemble Void energy, glowing in a faded gray-green light,[2] though exceptionally powerful incantations do not possess this trait and instead shine radiant blue.[3] Some Void magic can be cast at any time like other schools, while some forms involve the manipulation of voidstuff.[4] Practitioners of the art are known as void mages,[5] and are most frequently witches of the Reach.[4] Overuse of Void magic can cause a condition known as Void Pathosis, darkening the skin of the afflicted and giving them glowing white eyes.[6][7] Alternatively, overexposure to the magic can turn those hit into shades, twisting their souls.[8]

Select members of the Ghostsong Clan of Reachmen were known practitioners of Void magic. These users worshipped the Dark Heart, an artifact associated with Namira interred far beneath Skyrim. Those who were "chosen" by the Heart became amplified in their magic, becoming voidmothers,[9] beings empowered by the energy of the Void.[4] Rituals involving the summoning of Voidmothers can involve mortal sacrifices. Some Reachfolk view these rituals as an abomination, formed from twisting and abusing Namira's creation.[10] Molag Bal's Harvesters utilize Void magic to break the wills of their victims and capture their souls.[11]

Experiments on the Dark Heart in the Second Era from the Nighthollow Clan and Gray Host led to the discovery of void portals, a method of magical transportation. Void portals summon small pockets of void energy which, when entered, can transport the user short distances, so long as they carry a void shard.[12][13] Those with a connection to the Void are able to create and control Void portals.[12] Controlled Void portals are capable of summoning creatures.[14] The Dwemer of Blackreach experimented with Void magic, building several apparatus intended to stabilize Void portals.[12][15] Staves may also be used to channel Void magic.[16]



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