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A Nightblade

Nightblades are opportunistic adventurers known for their ability for getting in and out of trouble. They wield magic and use it to enhance their mobility, concealment, and stealthy close combat. They move swiftly and with haste by darkness and use spells to benefit their circumstances. Nightblades thrive on conflict and misfortune, spell and shadow are their friends. Believed to be the most intriguing and shadowy of people, they trust their luck, cunning, and intelligence to survive, combining the skills of thieves with the powers of mages. They have a sinister reputation, as many nightblades act as thieves, enforcers, murderers, or secret agents. The mastery of their arts allows them to thrive as infiltrators and spies. Their presence is seldom seen but certainly felt.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Trickery, illusion, stealth, and agility make for a deadly combination, giving nightblades an edge in war.[7][3][4] Nightblades also wield Night Magic which not only grants them additional magicka, but increases the accuracy of their spells. They're capable of creating night runes which ravage the souls of foes while siphoning life-force from them.[7][1][8] In the Second Era, nightblades were known for their use of Shadow Magic.[1][9] Despite shadow stepping being commonplace in a nightblade's repertoire during this time[10] teleportation spells were seemingly no longer associated with them come the Third Era.[11] The term nightblade was considered a fancy title with little relevance to the magic educators.[12]


During the Three Banners War of the Second Era, nightblades were employed by the alliances.[13][14] The Empire also took nightblades into its service[15] and during the Third Era nightblades were considered a standard part of any modern army.[16] The black bear is the preferred mount of Nord nightblades, as it blends into the dark, and makes no hoofbeats when it gallops.[17] Nightblade's Indigo is a hue named after the nightblades.[18]The Witches Festival is known to attract nightblades to towns it's celebrated in.[19]

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