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A Templar (ESO)
A Templar in combat (ESO)

Templars are traveling knights who wield restoration magic[1] and call upon the powers of light and the burning sun.[2][3][4]

Although Templar Knightly Orders devoted to various Divines existed for a long time,[5][6] the arts and martial practices of the Templars were considered rather recent as of 2E 582. It was believed that they were inspired by the martial magics originally developed by the Resolutes of Stendarr. Despite the fact that Templar magic was often referred to as Aedric or divine in nature, it was certain that the ability to use these spells had little, if anything, to do with the faith of the wielder, and just like regular magic, required an appropriate approach and aptitude.[2][UOL 1] In fact, certain Templars were known to defy the Divines and follow Daedra, such as Molag Bal, and retain their powers.[7][8][9] Despite that, texts written by the Resolutes of Stendarr expected templars to exterminate Daedra, Undead, Vampires and Werebeasts without halt or mercy.[10] The term "templar" was considered a fancy title with little relevance to magic educators.[11]

Certain texts,[12] authored by members of the Resolutes of Stendarr[13][14][15][16] and the Sect of Harmonious Masters, were linked to the Templars.[17]

During the Three Banners War of the Second Era, templars were employed by both alliances and the Imperial Legion.[18][7]



  • Templars' Last Dawn is a hue named after the templars.[19]

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