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A dream reflection of Wayrest
A victim of Dream Magic bound within his nightmare

Dream Magic[1] is an arcane art involving the manipulation of dreams. It is associated with the Daedric Prince Vaermina and her followers. The Omens, powerful, malicious Daedra that serve Vaermina, are proficient users of Dream Magic.[2] Practitioners of Dream Magic can control the dreams of sleeping victims,[1] binding them within their created nightmare.[3] Though the art bears many similarities to Mind Magic, there is no known connection between the two magical schools. An example of this similarity is reading the mind of another to see a previous dream.[4]

Those under the influence of Dream Magic cannot be woken up by traditional means,[1] but outside disturbances may have an effect.[5] Prisoners within their dreams maintain a capability for resistance, being able to find objects within the dreamscape and send aspects of their uncorrupted mind to ejecting it from Nirn forever.[2] While influenced by the magic, the bodies of those afflicted can be taken over.[6][7] By breaking the victim's spirit through repeated visions of failure, loss, and betrayal, the victim can be killed within their dream,[8][9] leaving them permanently possessed.[10][11]

The Dreamwalkers are individuals capable of entering the dreams of others through a simple spell. They are often associated with the Daedric Prince Vaermina, rumored to have traded their souls for access to her realm, the Dreamstride. Unlike typical Vaermina's priests, who use alchemical concoctions to enter dreams, Dreamwalkers possess an innate, mysterious magic for this purpose. While their motives and origins remain shrouded in uncertainty, they tend to use their abilities for benevolent purposes, such as erasing painful memories and curing mental illnesses. Although their actions may bring relief, questions persist about the ethics of altering one's memories through Dreamwalkers' interventions.[12][13][14] Dreamstride is both the realm of Vaermina and a state of body gifted by Vaermina's Torpor allowing the user to experience the dreams of another as if they were actually there and belong, moving perhaps feet away from their original place or hundreds of miles. Dying in the dream sometimes leads to death, but most often reappearance in Nirn.[15]


Circa 2E 582, High Rock was suddenly brigaded by a number of Vaermina's Omens and cultists practicing Dream Magic. Their first attack was carried out by the Midnight Union, whose leader had been taken over by an Omen.[6] The Union, under his orders, attacked their former allies, the Spirit Wardens, at their monastery, Pariah Abbey. They were successful in stealing the Dream Shard, an artifact of Azura's Moonshadow capable of creating Dreamless Potions, tonics that prevent the user from dreaming, making them immune to Dream Magic.[1] From there, several influential individuals within the Daggerfall Covenant were imprisoned within their dreams by a cult known as the Supernal Dreamers with the end goal of destroying the Covenant.[3]

With the aid of the Vestige, these individuals were freed from Vaermina's corruption. In a final gambit, Vaermina sent her Omen lover, Galthis the Night Terror, to take over the dreams of High King Emeric. Though Galthis had taken over Emeric's mind, blocking all entry, the Daedric Prince Azura granted the Vestige a special rune that allowed them to enter Emeric's dream.[16] The Vestige navigated the dreamscape and slew Galthis within the dream, banishing him and saving Emeric.[17]

In the same year, with the assistance of the Vestige and the Ternion Monks, a Dreamwalker Argonian named Stormy-Eyes played a partial role in curing King Jorunn from his coma.[13][14]



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