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We are dragonknights. We are Dragons.
If you attack us, you will meet talons.
If you strike us, you will eat spikes.
If you injure us, our wounds will close.
If you anger us, you will burn.
If you run from us, we will pounce upon you.
You cannot win. We cannot lose.

We are dragonknights. We are Dragons.
To Smite with Dragon Claws[1]

This article is about the class of warriors. For the chivalric order, see Knights of the Dragon.

A Dragonknight

The Dragonknights[2] (or Dragon Knights),[3] also known as the Children of the Mundus,[4] were followers of a new martial tradition that emerged during the Interregnum of the Second Era, originating from the dispersed Akaviri Dragonguard. They were skillful masters-at-arms taught by a former member of the Dragonguard, whose name was lost to history, only known as the Grandmaster. He took it upon himself to ensure that the martial and mystical arts of the old Akaviri would survive into the new and turbulent Second Era. However, he would teach his skills only on condition that those he taught would go on to teach others.[5] Their abilities were said to descend from the powers of dragons.[6] Although initially, arts of the Dragonknights were of Akaviri origins, the art was relatively widespread among various races of Tamriel as of Second Era.[2][7][8]

Dragonknights were particularly skilled at manipulating fire, and could wreathe themselves in it completely without being harmed.[3][5] They were known to channel the energy of the earth, fire, and molten rock associated with the powers of the very heart of the Mundus.[4][9] Their martial magic, known as Ardent Flame was fearsome art that pounds, shatters and physically alters the world around the caster. It was described as "Dragon magic" and was used to set foes afire, create flaming lassos, wreathe casters in a cloak of flame, and even breathe fire or poison similar to the legendary dragons.[2][10][6] It was however considered a branch of Destruction Magic (as defined by Shad Astula academy) by Gabrielle Benele, a representative of the Mages Guild.[6]

According to the ancient legends from the times of the Dragon Wars, Dragonknights rode into battle mounted on colossal flaming wolves.[11]


  • Akaviri swordsmen have been described as possessing a power similar to the thu'um, called "kiai".[12] At least some Akaviri swordmasters, such as Vhysradue used abilities identical to the Ardent Flame magic of Dragonknights.[13]


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