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The cover of a pamphlet professing 'Monkey Truth'

The Temple Zero Society or more simply Temple Zero (sometimes abbreviated as T0)[UOL 1] is a secretive organization of scholars,[1] conspiracy theorists, and revolutionaries which follows their own interpretation of Marukhati philosophy and studies esoteric historical, mythological and metaphysical subjects. Their philosophy emphasizes the marvel and wonder of the Aurbis at the expense of logic and internal consistency, they call the theories developed from this philosophy 'Monkey Truth'.[2][UOL 2][UOL 3]

They are often regarded as heretics, ranting fools,[UOL 4] and pseudo-intellectuals by their detractors,[1] and they were subject to persecution by the Septim Empire.[UOL 5][UOL 6]

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  1. ^ Michael Kirkbride originally posted this book and listed the author as the Temple Zero Society. (The Imperial Library) However, no author is listed in the version of the book that appeared in-game.
  2. ^ Originally written by the Imperial Geographical Society but published and manipulated by the Temple Zero Society.


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