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Eoki, a known practitioner of Hist-magic

Hist-magic is a unique form of magic associated with Argonians born in Black Marsh and their connection to the Hist.[1] Practitioners of this magical art are known a Histmages, and some have been known to come from the city of Thorn.[2] Hist-magic operates on distinct principles compared to traditional spellcasting. House Telvanni mages strongly disapprove of Hist-magic and often use magic-suppressing manacles on known practitioners, among their slaves all the time, even while they sleep. Eoki, a skilled user of Hist-magic, was once a slave recognized for his abilities, but even his expertise wasn't considered enough to secure his freedom. It was believed that Argonians far from the Hist couldn't receive its aid.[1] Some Argonians spellcasters, such as the Hist Speakers, are known to draw power directly from the Hist.[2][3][4]



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