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Restoration magic (Legends)

The Restoration discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Restoration, but it is not considered to be one of the "great schools" by the Mages Guild.[1] Restoration spells heal, restore, and fortify the body's attributes and abilities, cure disease, and protect it from other malign influences. The primary spells of this college heal wounds, cure disease, and restore lost vitality, but can also augment strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and other bodily attributes. Absorption skills are also sometimes considered part of this college, although they may also be classed as Mysticism magic.[2][3][4] Bosmer and Reachfolk were believed to be among the best healers in Tamriel.[5]

Despite the incredible utility of Restoration spells, knowledge of them seems to have formed more recently those of other schools: as late as the Second Era, even spells to cure disease seem to have been rarities.[6] In 3E 431, the Council of Mages decided that Restoration magic in Cyrodiil was to become the responsibility of the guildhall in the town of Anvil.[1] Because of the benevolent nature of this school, Restoration magic is very popular among religious workers.

  • Healing and restoration spells replace aspects of the target that have become reduced through combat, illness or other damage. Most obviously this is used to restore health after combat, but skills and other attributes can also be affected.
  • Fortification spells temporarily boost the same skills.
  • Restoration magic can enhance a body's resistance to attacks based on elements such as cold or heat, and can add to a target's magical resistance or its resistance to disease.
  • It can also be used to completely cure the effects such as disease, paralysis or poison.
  • Absorption spells enable the caster to transfer energy directly from the target to him or herself. The spell may target attributes, skills, health, magicka, or any other aspect of the target's form.
  • Wards can be placed to nullify any incoming hostile magic.
  • Spells that cause undead to flee are sometimes considered to be part of the restoration school.
  • Spells that deal sun damage to undead are also considered to be part of the restoration school, but appear to be a later addition to it, first appearing in the Fourth Era.


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