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The Architects Guild (also called the Architectural Guild)[1] is an officially sanctioned guild that has been active since at least the Second Era. As their name implies, they employ architects from across the Empire.[2] One of the only known positions in the guild is the Chief Surveyor, who assists clients by checking if the land is suitable for construction, or by examining damage that the building acquired over time.[1]

During the Akaviri Potentate in 2E 321, Versidue-Shaie gave his approval for the Guild Act, which sanctioned businesses such as the Architects Guild. They were hence protected by the Empire of Cyrodiil, even into the Third Era, but would be required to pay them if they wanted to expand their influence. The Empire had subsequently strengthened since the Guild Act was passed.[2] The Chief Surveyor of the Daggerfall branch, Tarnolvar, was hired by Lady Ingerien Direnni to survey her abode, Castle Thorn, located in the hinterlands of Karthald in Skyrim. Tarnolvar was privy to Lady Thorn's condition as a vampire, but continued his service anyway.[1]