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Kiai is an Akaviri magical practice similar to the Thu'um. Little is known about Kiai's applications. It was utilized by Tsaesci swordsmen in combat, who articulated their power in a similar fashion to Nord Tongues. The use of the Thu'um was once described as "letting it out in a kiai".[1] The martial and mystical arts of the Dragon Knights, known as Ardent Flame, were known to descend from Akaviri teachings. The abilities of the Dragon Knights were also linked to Dragons, and were believed to differ fundamentally from common magic.[2][3][4] Whether or not the Dragon Knights were using Kiai is unclear, but at least some Tsaesci swordmasters, such as Vhysradue used abilities identical to Ardent Flame.[5]


  • Michael Kirkbride, in response to a question about the Akaviri and their art of Kiai, noted that his text, The Tsaesci Creation Myth, is likely the last he will write about them. The contents of this text contain no obvious links to Kiai itself.[UOL 1][UOL 2]
  • A kiai is a short shout in Japanese martial arts uttered when dishing out an attack. The word is made up of two Japanese characters, "ki" meaning energy and "ai" meaning to join or unity. It is used to embody the fighting spirit.[6][7]

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