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Lore:Dark Magic

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A magicka suppression field created via Dark Magic
A Sorcerer, practitioner of Dark Magic

Dark Magic negates, drains and preys upon the magicka and power of other magic users. It also replicates some of the harmful effects of spells cast by Daedra. Practitioners of Dark Magic have a reputation for being evil wizards. While the notion is not wholly unfounded, it is also a misconception.[1] Sorcerers who practice Dark Magic can summon wards that suppress magic and imprison foes in runes. They can also cast offensive spells, such as Daedric runes that explode upon contact with a mortal.[2] Dark Magic can be used to drain the life of others to restore the caster's vitality.[3]

The witches of Glenmoril Wyrd have been known to perform dark magicka rituals to cure lycanthropy.[4]