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A Talos Cult shrine
"We are those who worship the true following of the Legions. Protecting the Glory of Tiber Septim, Talos, the Dragonborn."[1]

The Talos Cult is a religious group that expressly reveres Tiber Septim,[2] founder of the Third Empire, as a divine god-hero.[3] Combined with the worship of the Eight Divines, the Talos Cult forms part of the whole Imperial Cult.[3] It has a significant following in the Imperial Legion.[1][4]

Circa 3E 427, fringe members of the Talos Cult in the Imperial Legion were part of a conspiracy to assassinate Emperor Uriel Septim VII during a rumored visit to Vvardenfell, due to his perceived weak rule. They began to recruit new members from the Deathshead Legion garrison in Gnisis, requiring them to swear an oath that they "shall die to put a strong man back on the throne of Tamriel".[5] This was prevented by the Nerevarine, who executed the conspirators by order of General Darius.[6]


  • The Talos Cult was originally conceptualized as a slightly different group called the Red Templars.

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