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House Dres is an agrarian agricultural society, and its large saltrice plantations rely completely on slave labor for their economic viability. Always firm Temple supporters, House Dres is hostile to Imperial law and culture, and in particular opposed to any attempts to limit the institution of slavery.Great Houses of Morrowind
"House Dres represents the past of pre-Tribunal Great House culture, a persistent tradition of Daedra- and ancestor-worshipping civilized Dunmer clans."Vivec

House Dres is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind, with presence only on the mainland. It governed the Dres District of southeastern Morrowind from the city of Tear. The district included parts of the fertile Deshaan plain, and bordered Indoril District and the swamps and marshes of Black Marsh.[1][2] In the mid-Second Era, House Dres also controlled the cities of Ebonheart and Kragenmoor in central Morrowind.[3] It was formally established as a Great House by Grandmaster Thalthil Dres after a slave-raid over Thorn.[4]

The Dres had a mainly rural but still very wealthy agrarian agricultural society, maintaining vast saltrice plantations on the plains and marshes surrounding Tear.[1] The Dres were also the Dunmer that shipped slaves to the other Great Houses, keeping thousands of captives, mostly Argonians, in their infamous slave-pens of Tear and the surrounding plantations.[2]

House Dres greatly opposed joining the Empire. During the Four-Score War, the House refused to fortify the western borders, favoring instead guerrilla warfare. They lost most of their support when their traditional allies, the members of House Indoril, began to commit suicide after the Armistice was signed.[5] They remained hostile to Imperial culture throughout the Third Era, and in particular refuted any attempts to limit the institution of slavery.[1]

During the Arnesian War, one of many wars during the Imperial Simulacrum of Jagar Tharn, a slave revolt was instigated in the Dres District. This escalated until the swampy plains erupted in blood and fire, with a full-scale conflict between Morrowind and Black Marsh.[6] In 3E 433, rumors circulating the province of Cyrodiil suggested that House Dres had finally accepted Imperial rule and renounced the slave trade. The House sought new allies in King Hlaalu Helseth and his House Hlaalu.[7]

In 4E 5, the eruption of Red Mountain sent tremors through the province. The Dres lands near the marshy border regions suddenly became submerged, engulfed by the swamps. The southern wall of Tear collapsed as a result.[8] Following the Red Year, the Argonians of Black Marsh invaded Morrowind, and ravaged the southern reaches of the province.[9] It is not clear whether this was an attempt at expansion, or revenge for the enslavement of their people, but the Dres District, being the most southerly region and the home of the former slave-masters, would have been the first area they laid siege to. While House Dres still sits on the Grand Council of Morrowind, the current status of the House and its holdings is unknown.

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