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Drathus Othral
Home City Ebonheart
Location Hlaalu House
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dres
Drathus Othral

Drathus Othral is the Dunmer in charge of the city of Ebonheart. He can be found at Hlaalu House.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Coming to him before fixing the problems in Ebonheart:

"Didn’t my messenger reach you?
No matter, you're here now. Speak."
About what?
"A Covenant force landed west of my town. Their leader, Alexandra Conele, is known to be ruthless. She reports directly to General Serien.
If Ebonheart doesn't stand together, the Covenant is sure to sack our city, but our citizens are divided."
Why is that?
"Because we who rule Ebonheart are of House Dres. We are not well loved, even by other Dunmer.
I need you to visit the Argonians, Nords, and Dunmer of Ebonheart. Convince them to work together before the Covenant attacks."
I'll do what I can.

Being directed to him by Nilthis:

"I hope your arrival will prove a boon to Ebonheart. Residents are at each other’s throats."
What do I need to know about the situation here?
"Beyond "no one will work together"?
Each faction has a different reason. Which would you like to know about?"
Tell me about the Argonians.
"I wish I knew their complaint. They refuse to talk to us. I even went to speak with their quarter's leader, Zasha-Ja.
She accused me of plotting to kill a tree. As if I cared about such things!"
Let's talk about the Nords. What’s their issue?
"The Nords in town are lumber traders from the Rift. You might have noticed a lack of trees.
When we asked Hraelgar Stonecrush to help defend the town, he accused us of being "fancy." I assume that's an insult in Skyrim. Also, I think he was drunk."
Why aren’t the other Dark Elf houses helping you?
"Our people love fighting. It’s our nature. We fight the land just to survive. Only the Dunmer’s natural superiority allows us to flourish in this wasteland.
Lately, our people have been demoralized. Even Disciple Sildras at the Tribunal Temple expects defeat."

Speaking to him again before you help the other factions in the city:

"The Argonian quarter is north of Ebonheart. The Nord camp is just beyond the main gates to the south.
The best place to gauge the Dunmers' feelings is the Tribunal Temple. When you leave, it'll be the building on the right."

After fixing the problems of the Nords, the Dunmer and the Argonians:

"Have our town's fortunes improved?"
All of Ebonheart is ready to defend the city.
"That's a great relief. Well done.
The Covenant troops haven't left their encampment to the west, but it's only a matter of time before our inactivity encourages them."
A Dark Elf named Rhavil Urano was somehow involved each time.
"I don't know this mer. Why would he cause so much trouble?
Perhaps he's an agent of Sheogorath. That's an unpleasant thought. The Daedra of Chaos is worse than any mere Covenant army. Can you aid me further?"
Perhaps. What would you like me to do?
"Rhavil must have a house in town. I'd like you to find it and watch him.
I'd like to see myself, but I'm sure he'll recognize me, so I'll need to cast a spell on you."
What kind of spell?
"Commoners would call it a scrying spell, but I'm beyond such crude hedge magic. It will enable me to see and hear what you do. Furthermore, I'll be able to "speak" to you."
Very well. Cast your spell.
"Search Rhavil's home. I expect it's on the west side of town."

Drathus' voice will then fill your head:

Drathus Othral: "You should be able to hear me now."

Speak to him (in person) before leaving:

"Find Rhavil's house. I'll follow your progress through the spell I cast on you."

Rhavil comes out of his house:

Drathus Othral: "There he is. Let's follow him."

When Rhavil enters an old shack:

Drathus Othral: "He went into that shack. Wait for him to leave."

When Rhavil comes out of the shack:

Drathus Othral: "He's out. That was fast."
Drathus Othral: "Try to get inside that shack."

Once inside the shack:

Drathus Othral: "A communication spell? Let's see who Rhavil called."

If you return to him before investigating the shack:

"Investigate the shack near the docks. That's where Rhavil went."

After defeating Alexandra Conele's summoned scamps and leaving the house:

Drathus Othral: "That woman wore a Covenant uniform."
Drathus Othral: "Rhavil must be working for the enemy."
Drathus Othral: "Go to his house and see what you can find. I'll send my guards."

If you return to him before going into Rhavil's house:

"Why are you here? Go to Rhavil's house.
Even now, that Covenant witch may be warning him that he's been found out."

After dealing with Rhavil Urano, Drathus will be waiting for you outside Rhavil's house:

"The guards heard fighting. I assume you found more inside than just "evidence.""
Rhavil attacked me. I had to kill him.
"Having him alive might have been useful, but having him dead is just as good.
The ritual items in the shack on the docks and his belongings might tell us something more."

After the quest:

"I'll shed no tears over the death of that traitor, Rhavil.
He caused us so much grief, and for what? A few gold coins from the Covenant?"


  • After the quest, random NPCs will mention that Drathus speaks your praise for ridding Ebonheart of "that spy."