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Holgunn One-Eye
Home City Davon's Watch
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Holgunn is the Nord commander of Davon's Watch. He will request you to help the local soldiers fend off a siege by the Daggerfall Covenant, along with delaying their invasion.

He will later join the Coldharbour invasion.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit


To Aid Davon's WatchEdit

Onuja will send you to speak with him.

"Hold there, travaler [sic]. I'm Holgunn, the commader here in Davon's Watch. I must warn you, the city isn't safe right now."
Onuja sent me. He said you could use some help.
"Truer words were never spoken."

Assisting Davon's WatchEdit

Virmar will send you to speak with him.

"Hold there, travaler [sic]. I'm Holgunn, the commader here in Davon's Watch. I must warn you, the city isn't safe right now."
Virmar sent me. She said you can use some help.
"A smart woman. Seems I'll never be free of my debt to her. Hah!"

Warning Davon's WatchEdit

You can report to Holgunn once you reach Davon's Watch.

"Have you come from Bal Foyen? What news do you have?"
We've repelled the Covenant attack there. Did the signal fires work?
"Yes, soldier. Thank you. We're giving the Covenant a good fight.
Without your warning, Davon's Watch would be in their hands. Feels good to save a city, doesn't it?"

Legacy of the AncestorsEdit

You will hear him speak aloud.

Holgunn: "We need an edge in this fight!"

If you talk to him without having done any of the previous quests, he will introduce himself and ask for your help with the current Covenant attack on the city.

"I'm Holgunn, the Nord commander here in Davon's Watch. My men are the spine and strong arm of the Ebonheart Pact.
I've heard good things about you. Let's see if they're true."
What do you need me to do?

If you finished Warning Davon's Watch:

If you finished Assisting Davon's Watch:

"Virmar sent you just in time! I'm glad she did, too. You look very capable."
What do you need me to do?

If you finished one of the previous quests, Holgunn will continue the conversation here.

"The Covenant is attacking Davon's Watch. The devils bombarded the northern district. Now they're ashore, preparing to attack.
I need every able hand in the battle to come."
I'll stand with you, Holgunn.
"Then you'll stand where you're needed. Right now, Grandmaster Tanval Indoril's at a manor in the north of the city.
He's got a smart plan, but he needs help."
Let's go.

After you agree to help, you have the option of following him immediately or meeting him later.

"Follow me or meet me there. Your choice."
I have some things to do. I'll meet you there.
"You'll find the manor along the north city wall.
I'll be there with Tanval."
I'll walk with you. I'm ready to go whenever you are.
"Excellent. Let's get going."
What can you tell me about Davon's Watch?
"This port's the key to Stonefalls. That's why these Covenant bastards are attacking.
They're keen on the city, but we aren't going to let them. The Nords are here to defend the Pact."

If you decide to follow Holgunn to the manor, he will have commentary as you move through the city.

Holgunn: "Let's get going."

Passing the crafting stations:

Holgunn: "The Covenant's been bombarding the city for days."
Holgunn: "If Davon's Watch falls, all of Stonefalls is in danger."
Holgunn: "I came to fight with my old comrade, Tanval."

In the manor district, Holgunn stops to lament the death of an innocent.

Holgunn: "Poor bastard. Didn't even get a soldier's death."

In the plaza infront of Indoril manor:

Holgunn: "Damned Covenant! Will this bombardment ever stop?"

Arriving at Indoril manor:

Holgunn: "We're here."

Speaking to Holgunn before introducing yourself to Tanval:

"Troll's blood! Do you need an invitation? Speak to Tanval."

After speaking with Tanval and receiving your assignment from him he'll say either:

  • "Tanval's given you a mission, eh? Back in the Akaviri war, whatever it took, he got it done."
  • "What's taking you so long? Enter the tomb, retrieve the relic, and return it to Tanval. Sounds easy enough to me."

Delaying the DaggersEdit

"I've been reviewing our defenses. It's not good. The Covenant is bringing up ballistae and siege ladders.
Time to show them what we've got!"
What should I do?
"Do? Burn those ballistae. Same for the ladders. Burn them to ash.
I'll be leading a sortie from the gate. Meet us when you're done. It'll be glorious!"

Speaking with him after this exchange:

"Burn the ballistae and ladders outside the gate. That'll set those bastards back.
Look for me when you're done."

Returning after burning the Covenant's siege equipment:

"I heard the horns. I saw the flames. Are you done?"
I burned down their siege gear, as you requested.
"The damn skeevers tricked us, though. This was only a feint."

City Under SiegeEdit

"They scaled the cliffs like damn mountain goats. Takes guts, I'll give them that."
Where do you want me?
"Get to the tombs. Tanval's in there, performing his ritual. He has no idea what happened.
Guard him until he's done!"
I'll protect him.

Speaking with him after this:

"Tanval's at the tombs. Guard him! I've got invaders to repel."

After you arrive to defend the Grandmaster, Holgunn will also join the defense:

Holgunn: "You face a Nord now, scum. Ysgramor!"

After the Covenant army is destroyed:

"You fight like the great hero Ysgramor, my friend.
You've done the Pact a great service this day."

After the quest:

"You've fought like a true Nord. The skalds will remember your deeds in story and song.
And I'll remember you. Holgunn always remembers his friends."

Restoring OrderEdit

You can find him inside the manor at Ebonheart alongside Walks-in-Ash and Tanval and Garyn Indoril. He is not instrumental to the quest, but you can talk to him.

"Troll's blood! I was hoping you'd show up here."
What's going on, Holgunn?
"Kyne blessed us with a victory at Ash Mountain, but we're still fighting those milk-drinking Covenant bastards. West of us, they've locked horns with Vivec's Antlers.
And I've heard rumors."
"A scout from the northwest border made it to the city, bloody and bruised. He said a force was marching on Fort Virak. If they take Virak, they're on the doorstep of Riften, up in Skyrim.
Those Dagger bastards! To Sovngarde with the lot of them."

After finishing objective in Ebonheart:

"You've done a fine job here."

The Coral HeartEdit

Holgunn appears at the end of the quest so that you may turn it in. He subsequently gives you the quest To Fort Virak.

"Well, you're a warm hut in a blizzard.
What news? Could you keep that Coral Heart out of the Covenant's hands?"
The Heart is ours.
"Then Ebonheart is saved! We are once again in your debt. Maybe we'll make you the new Thane of Whiterun. After all, they'll take anyone!
I'll keep the Heart safe. This Brother of Strife must remain bound."

To Fort VirakEdit

"The Brothers of Strife are too dangerous. I'll keep this from everyone who might want to use it ... even Tanval."
What next, Holgunn?
"You've done well here. We could use more like you.
In fact, we could use more like you at Fort Virak. The Daggerfall Covenant has seized it."
Fort Virak?
"It's a vital link between Stonefalls and the Rift. With Fort Virak held by the enemy, we're cut off from supplies.
Head up there and report to Sergeant Gjorring. I'll be right behind you."
I'll see you there.

Evening the OddsEdit

Before turning the quest in:

"Well done, my friend. Now where's General Serien? My axe thirsts for his blood."

After the quest:

"We'll have this courtyard cleared of Covenant skeevers in no time.
Then all that remains is to deal with that treacherous dog, Serien."

The General's DemiseEdit

While waiting for the Indorils to dispel the ward over the door on Serien's hiding place:

"Get that cursed thing off the door. Then we'll see what Serien thinks of my axe."

After the ward is down:

"In you go. We're right behind you."

As he charges into the keep to help you slay the general, he yells:

Holgunn: "Glory for the Pact!"

After General Serien dies, Garyn Indoril is killed. Tanval is distraught, and steals the Coral Heart from Holgunn before fleeing.

Garyn Indoril: "We've done it! The general is dead!"
General Serien: "No! I must not fail!"

The General then kills Garyn in a last-ditch effort to take something from the Pact.

Tanval Indoril: "Not Garyn! Not Garyn!"
Tanval Indoril: "The Daggerfall Covenant took my son!"
Holgunn: "Tanval, no! The Coral Heart is too powerful."
Tanval Indoril: "No, Holgunn. The Covenant must pay!"
Holgunn: "Tanval, what have you done?"

You need to meet Holgunn outside to talk.

"Shor's Bones, Tanval's gone mad. I can't believe he took the Coral Heart.
And Garyn! Curse the fates. The wolves are circling, my friend."
Why would Tanval steal the Coral Heart?
"He's planning to use it to release Sadal, the second Brother of Strife.
We've got to stop him. All of Stonefalls will suffer if Tanval exploits the Tormented Spire."

City at the SpireEdit

"We've got to keep the Pact together. We must preserve the alliance we've spent blood and men to forge."
The Pact is in danger?
"Absolutely. Troll's Blood, anything could break us apart these days. How do you think the Argonians and my fellow Nords will react to this? If Tanval summons yet another magical juggernaut into the Ashlands, it could very well be the end of the Pact."
How do I stop him?
"There's only one place he could have gone: Kragenmoor. The city is the gateway to Tormented Spire. To get past the wards at the base of the mountain, he'd need to talk to the Dres' grandmaster that holds the key. Go! And stop him."
I'll head to Kragenmoor, then.
"Go, my friend. Stop Tanval from getting himself killed. I've already lost too much today."
Holgunn, can I ask you a question or two?
"I'm wounded, curse it, but I'll try to answer any questions you have."
Who is Sadal?
"Sadal is the second, greater Brother of Strife. We put Balreth back into his cage at Ash Mountain, but his ancient fiery brother still lurks in the heart of the Tormented Spire.
We can't allow Tanval to let that monster out."
Why do you think Tanval did this?
"Garyn is why. He was Tanval's only child. For all the medals and honors he received during the war, I think raising Garyn gave him the most pride.
Losing Garyn to the Covenant broke Tanval ... I think he's snapped."
What is the Tormented Spire?
"Another one of those cursed Morrowind volcano [sic]. Like Ash Mountain, they made the spire into a mystic prison to hold a Brother of Strife.
It's south of Virak, just beyond the town of Kragenmoor."
Is something wrong with Kragenmoor?
"It's a bastion of House Dres, and their grandmaster is the only one with access to the mountain. The spire has a mystic veil that stops anyone from wandering to the top.
To get to the spire, we'll have to deal with the Dres."

To the Tormented SpireEdit

You can find Tanval at the warded entrance to the Tormented Spire after accepting the quest from Sen Dres:

"Welcome back to the fight, my friend.
This mountain's been rumbling for hours, and we're stuck out here, blades in our hands and no one to stab."
I'm ready to help you stop Tanval.
"So, did you get the key from the grandmaster at Kragenmoor?"

Climbing the SpireEdit

"Now that you're here, we'll take the fight to the mountain. To Tanval."
Where is Tanval?
"He's already inside. After he disabled the ward, Walks-in-Ash managed to get some troops inside. The ward came back up almost instantly aftwerward.
Damn that old Dark Elf's hide!"
I can lower the wards, Holgunn.
"Shor's bones! What would we do without you? Bring down the ward and I'll lead the boys in.
Go on ahead and find Walks-in-Ash."
I'll find her. Good luck.

Speaking to him after starting the quest:

"These ward stones are the only thing stopping us. Disable them, if you can."
How are you doing, Holgunn?
"I've been better, my friend. Tanval and I have been shield brothers since the war, but Kyne save me, I might have to kill him to stop him.
I don't want to think about it."

After lowering the wards:

"Ysgramor himself would be proud. Glory for the Pact!"

Speaking to him after finding Tanval:

"Look at him, my friend. Garyn's death has ruined him.
History won't remember him as a great general. They'll just remember him as this."

Opening the PortalEdit

Speaking with him after starting the quest:

"We've already dispatched messengers to Kragenmoor. Shor's bones, I hope we don't need to evacuate to Ebonheart."

After retrieving the Focus Stones, but before placing them:

"What tales did the dead men tell, my friend?"

Sadal's Final DefeatEdit

Before entering Sadal's prison:

"Sovngarde awaits, my friend. I bet that Brother of Strife can't wait to go."
Holgunn in Sadal's Prison

Upon first entering Sadal's Prison, Sadal addresses the group.

Tanval Indoril: "Hold the portal. We don't want to be trapped here."
Sadal: "Weaklings. You think to enter my realm?"
Holgunn: "Pretty confident, isn't he?"

Another ward blocks your path.

Holgunn: "Kyne preserve us! Another ward. Can you open it?"

Tanval begins channeling the magic of the Coral Heart to break Sadal's fiery ward.

Sadal: "Taste the flames of Oblivion."
Holgunn: "Protect Tanval!"

Tanval eventually breaks Sadal's ward:

Tanval Indoril: "Now! Forward the Pact!"
Holgunn: "Ysgramor!"

When Sadal regains his flaming ward after the first phase:

Tanval Indoril: "Fall back. I need a moment to rest."
Holgunn: "Cut those skeletons down. Don't let them reach Tanval."

Tanval Indoril charges Sadal, bursting with powerful magical energy. He dies destroying Sadal's ward for good.

Tanval Indoril: "Finish it. Finish what we started."
Holgunn: "Tanval! What are you doing?"

After Sadal is sealed away forever, Holgunn kneels beside Tanval's corpse.

Holgunn: "Tanval. I'll see you in Sovngarde, my shield brother."

The next time you speak with Holgunn, he will give you your reward for this quest.

"My shield brother is gone. He died as well as anyone could.
Let's return to Kragenmoor and drink to his memory."
Tanval wished you to follow him as interim leader of our forces in Stonefalls.
"He what? Kyne take him! Wherever he is, I'm sure the old bastard is laughing at me. Imagine. Leading the military here, alone.
I suppose I should thank you, my friend. Without you, well, I hope to see you again before we meet in Sovngarde."

Talking to Holgunn after the quest:

"Tanval left me in charge, warming the hilt until the Great Houses choose a permanent commander. Do you have any idea how many meetings I'll have to go to?
After I die, I'll give Tanval a beating he won't forget."

The RiftEdit

He and Walks-in-Ash can later be met at the Pact's camp near Honrich Tower. He is standing in front of the healer's tent.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it? I hope you remember Walks-in-Ash, as well? She's out there in the field. Tending to the wounded out there. Forbade me from joining her, said I'm needed here. Damn her scales."

Speaking to him after Thallik Wormfather has been defeated:

"Blood for the Pact! If we had an army of folk like you, the Daggers wouldn't have dared to attack Stonefalls."

Calling HakraEdit

If you speak to him before saving Hakra at Pinepeak Cavern, he will point you back to save her first.

How can I aid the cause?
"It's Pinepeak Cavern. It's where one of the five hundred companions is buried—Hakra.
Lieutenant Slonn led a team of scholars there to try to awaken Hakra's spirit and ask for her aid, but they haven't returned."
You want me to go check on them?
"Yes. I worry that the Worm Cult may have been meddling in Hakra's tomb, and if that's the case, Lieutenant Slonn isn't the only one in danger.
If you would go to Pinepeak and make sure all is well, it would be a favor to me and to the king."
I'll go to Pinepeak Cavern then.

A Grave SituationEdit

If you speak to him after saving Hakra but before saving Valdur at Taarengrav, he will also direct you there first.

What can I do to aid the cause?
"One of our scouting patrols failed to report back in and I fear there may be cause for concern.
After what happened at Pinepeak, Narir led a patrol to check on Taarengrav. I worry that he may have run into the Worm Cult."
You want me to go to Taarengrav?
"Yes. If the Worm Cult has broken into Valdur's tomb, it would be good if you were there anyhow.
Hopefully, this is not the case and Narir has simply been delayed. We cannot risk waiting too long."
I understand. I'll go to Taargengrav.

Securing the PassEdit

While gearing up for the final fight against Sinmur, Holgunn can be found in the Pact camp at Trolhetta.

"Sinmur will be our greatest challenge. You might not survive it."

You can request aid from him after successfully persuading King Jorunn to let you take a companion.

"Leading the charge as always, eh?
We've lost many soldiers trying to take these caves. The Worms wield barrels filled with a flammable liquid. If you see barrels ahead, be wary."
I was told you have aid to offer me.
"To help you clear Trolhetta, you'll need the battle prowess of a Nord warrior. Say the word and my best is yours!"
Sounds good to me.
"Excellent. Good hunting!"

Stomping SinmurEdit

Holgunn can be encountered again, at the summit of Trolhetta.

"Well, that was easy, eh? It gets harder from here."

After defeating Sinmur, he'll say:

"Now that was a fight for the bards to sing about!
And to be honored by Ysgramor himself … this was a good day, my friend. Yes indeed."


The Hollow CityEdit

At a certain point, Holgunn will appear in the Fighters Guildhall within the Hollow City in Coldharbour.

"Nice Fighters Guild hall! It's got all the comforts of home. But I'm ready to get out there and fight.
You can only plan so much. Sometimes you need to swing your damned axe and move forward."

The Reaver CitadelEdit

Holgunn and Walks-in-Ash outside the Reaver Citadel

Holgunn can be found with Walks-in-Ash on the bridge outside the Reaver Citadel.

"We're far from the familiar sights of Stonefalls. But these perils we face—they're epic! They will sing songs of our glory long after we're gone."

While you storm the Citadel during The Citadel Must Fall, Holgunn will be watching the gates to the upper city with another fighter for any attacking Dremora.

"Once the mages get inside the upper city, the Dremora will be surrounded!"

As you approach the gate, he will shout out a warning as Dremora come out.

Holgunn: "They're coming through the gates! We've got to stop them!"

After finishing off the enemy, he'll say:

Holgunn : "Nice work! They'll think twice before they try to get down here again. I'll stand guard while you restore the mages' portal."

After you have taken the Citadel and retrieved the Labyrinth Key, Holgunn can be found up the road with Walks-in-Ash, inspecting the Guild troops.

"These louts better be ready for the battle of their miserable lives, because they haven't seen anything yet!"


  • Holgunn One-Eye is only referred to as "Holgunn One-Eye" in missives. When interacting with him, he's simply labeled "Holgunn".
  • During Restoring Order, if you have not met Holgunn before, he'll not be in Ebonheart at the beginning of the quest, but he will be there beside Drathus at the end to deliver his "You've done a fine job here" line.