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A Redoran Guard
Duty, gravity, and piety: these are our watchwords. We are the wartime defenders of the House Dunmer of Morrowind.
Crafting Motif 52: Redoran Style

The Redoran Guard are the warriors and official military of House Redoran.[1] Though House Redoran has served as the military powerhouse of Dunmer society since before the War of the First Council,[2][3] the modern incarnation of the Redoran Guard was created during the Oblivion Crisis, to combat Mehrunes Dagon's invasion after the withdrawal of the Imperial Legions from Morrowind.[1] Afterward, the Redoran Guard were chiefly, if not solely responsible for the halting of the Argonian Invasion in 4E 6 and have served as the protectors of Morrowind and the Dunmer since.[1] The Guard has postings throughout Morrowind, including the settlement of Raven Rock and the city of Mournhold.[4][5] In 4E 95, the Redoran Guard of Raven Rock under Captain Modyn Veleth successfully prevented an assassination attempt on Councilor Lleril Morvayn at the hands of Vilur Ulen of the disgraced former Great House Hlaalu.[6] In 4E 201 they assisted the Last Dragonborn in thwarting a second plot by Vilur's son Vendil, and most of the Mournhold garrison was reassigned to other less secure regions of Morrowind.[7][5]

The duties of the Redoran Guard on Raven Rock included keeping the settlement safe, policing crime, and protecting the life of Councilor Morvayn. They were hand chosen from among the best warriors that House Redoran had to offer, and wore bonemold armor said to be capable of stopping weapons of quality superior to iron and steel. The Guardsmen served under Captain Modyn Veleth, whom claimed to have once commanded a unit of over a hundred men - implied to be an impressive number for a Redoran Guard regiment.[8]


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