Lore: Places: D
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Subregions Redolent Loam
Appears in ESO
Deshaan circa 2E 582

Deshaan is a broad, fertile plain in the southern mainland of Morrowind. It borders Stonefalls to the north, Cyrodiil to the west, and the Shadowfen region of Black Marsh to the south. It is composed of three smaller regions: Redolent Loam in the west, Lagomere in the center, and Siltreen in the east.

The region is mainly composed of fertile plains and lush fungal forests which slope down and merge with Black Marsh farther south, with sizable swamps making up the southeastern part of the region.[1][2]. The local Dunmer take advantage of the exceptionally fertile black soil, cultivating saltrice and cash crops, and breeding kwama in deep mines for their eggs.[3] Like elsewhere in Morrowind, Daedric ruins, Dwemer ruins, and Dunmer tombs dot the landscape. The western area of Redolent Loam is home to the city of Narsis, situated on the southern banks of Lake Hlaalu. Deshaan's largest city, Mournhold, sits in the center of Lagomere, surrounded by Lake Amaya. The Vale of the Ghost Snake, a sacred site of the Ashlander Mabrigash tribe, lies in the southeastern swamps. The eastern region, Siltreen, contains a large shrine devoted to Saint Veloth, where his relics are kept. The fauna of Deshaan includes guar, netches, kagouti, durzogs, and alit.[2]


The Dunmer have generally lived across Morrowind and the Deshaan plain since they first migrated from the distant southwest, but in the wake of the Year of Sun's Death, 1E 668, less than half of the province was left in ruin, which caused the population to permanently shift towards the south into the Deshaan plain.[1]

Circa 2E 582, the Maulborn, a militant group seeking to depose the Tribunal and restore worship of Boethiah, unleashed the Llodos Plague across Deshaan in a direct assault on Almalexia.[2]