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Lore:Four-Score War

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 :"After eighty years, I don't think anyone can imagine an end," said Vivec with a smile, but he grew serious, trusting Almalexia's prophecies. "Who will win?  Morrowind or the Cyrodilic Empire?""2920, The Last Year of the First Era

The Four-Score War took place between 1E 2840 - 1E 2920 and was centered around the border regions of Morrowind, with the armies of the Reman Dynasty facing the Tribunal-led forces of the Dunmer. The war was initiated by Reman II after he had successfully taken over Black Marsh. Reman II died fighting the Dunmer in 1E 2843 and the war was continued by his successors Brazollus Dor and Reman III.[1]

The war ended when Akaviri Potentate Versidue-Shaie signed the Cervant Truce with Vivec.[2][3] As a result, Morrowind remained the only Tamrielic nation independent of the Second Empire until its collapse in 2E 430.[4][5]

Major BattlesEdit

  • Battle of Bodrum, 20th of First Seed, 1E 2920. Forces led by Vivec ambushed the Cyrodilic army and almost completely destroyed it.
  • Battle of Ald Marak, 16th of Mid Year, 1E 2920. A heavily armored army led by Crown Prince Juilek took the Dunmer by surprise due to faulty intelligence on their part. Commanding the mystics in his army to cast water-breathing spells, his army passed through Lake Coronati, with the majority of the army commanded by Vivec being unable to respond to the attack in time.
  • Battle of Black Gate, Sun's Height, 1E 2920. While a truce between the warring parties had been called, the Empire sacked the fortress of Black Gate.