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Telvanni Peninsula
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Appears in ESO, Legends
Map of Morrowind, showing the Telvanni Peninsula
The Telvanni Peninsula as seen across Zafirbel Bay

The Telvanni Peninsula comprises the eastern arm of mainland Morrowind, and is bracketed by the Inner Sea to the west and the Padomaic Ocean to the north and east.[1] The cities of Firewatch and Necrom are found on the coastlines of the peninsula. House Telvanni also has holdings on the northern half consisting of Firewatch, Velothis Haven,[2] Llothanis Heights, Helnim Wall, and Greenheights,[3][UOL 1] presumably why they are the namesake of the region. House Dres is affiliated with Necrom and Sailen Vulgate while House Indoril is affiliated with Draloris.[UOL 1] The Dwemer ruin of Kemel-Ze is found along the sheer coastal cliff, with easy access to it from boats and nearby mainland villages such as Marog.[4]

The Telvanni Peninsula borders many other regions of Morrowind, notably sharing the Inner Sea waters of Zafirbel Bay with Vvardenfell, separated by the Vvardenfell Rift.[4] In the Padomaic Ocean, the isles surrounding Port Telvannis are found across the Sea of Ghosts while the isle of Gorne is found not too far from the coast of Necrom. On the mainland, the peninsula meets with Bal Foyen and Deshaan to the south, being visible from Stonefalls.[5]


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