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Gulakhan Yus-Zashten of the Red Exiles circa 2E 582

The Red Exiles were an organization of Ashlanders considered violent and dangerous who were banished by their original tribes, eventually joining together to make their own tribe of outcasts and were counted among the ashlanders that wished for war against the Tribunal Temple.[1] Their territory previously included a camp near Ald’ruhn as well as a position around the daedric ruin of Ashurnabitashpi in Vvardenfell.[2]


During the Alliance War of 2E 582, the Red Exiles were approached by Conoon Chodala, the leader of the Urshilaku Tribe of ashlanders who claimed that he would help the Exiles by ending their banishment and returning them to the fold. Initially they were asked to retrieve the staff-like relic Sunna’rah which was originally created by Sotha Sil, one of the members of the Tribunal and had been somehow been acquired by a daedric cult.[3][4]

After the completion of the mission, they were once again met by Chodala for a more permanent agreement. The Ashkhan offered them a respect rarely given to ashlander outcasts which was followed by him explaining his wish of tribal unification, including the Red Exiles. Chodala then demonstrated the power of the artifact that they had helped him acquire which made him invulnerable against attacks, with the Urshilaku leader claiming to be the Nerevarine. The demonstration led the Red Exiles to accept becoming the enforcers of the Ashkhan while their gulakhan would be his champion.[5]

Later, Chodala called for the Exiles on several occasions, such as when they were ordered to attack his sister Seryn, Wise Woman of the Urshilaku, and the Vestige which resulted in the death of the tribe’s gulakhan[6]. He later used their assistance to get inside the ruin of Kaushtarari and the Red Exile group that went with him were mostly slaughtered by daedra and Chodala himself was later killed by the Vestige with the help of Seryn.[7]

Before and after the death of the false incarnate, they were still found around Ashurnabitashpi which became a haven for them where they preyed upon travellers of the ashlands around the daedric ruin. They were accused of trampling on relics of the past that the Urshilaku wanted to preserve and by that time it was considered by at least one Urshilaku that the Red Exiles had no hope and were a blight upon the land, with one member asking the Vestige to clear out as many as they could.[8]

It is unknown what happened to the Red Exiles afterwards, but by 3E 427 they were no longer found in Vvardenfell, although other outcasts remained in the wilderness on several parts of the district.[9]


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