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Librarian Bradyn
Home City Vivec City
Location Library of Vivec
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Librarian Bradyn

Librarian Bradyn is a Dunmer who can be found in the Library of Vivec in Vivec City.

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The Ancestral TombsEdit

You'll find Bradyn overlooking the empty scale of Vvardenfell. Approach him and he'll mention it:

"Have you some to see our wonder in miniature? Our magnificent tribute to Morrowind? Alas, the work is not yet complete. And, truth be told, there is more to our miniature Vvardenfell than simply a representation of our land at a reduced scale."
You're building a model of Vvardenfell?
"Indeed! And once complete, it will point us to the location of the lost Library of Andule, the secret repository of the knowledge of the Great Houses. I just need someone to help me with the legwork, as it were."
What kind of help do you need?
"Well, that's the rub. Literally. The ancient families of Vvardenfell hid the location of the library and then placed clues to find it at their ancestral tombs. I need someone to take rubbings of these clues. Will you help me solve this mystery?"
All right, I'll go and take a rubbing.

He'll then send you on your way. If you already have the ancestral rubbing, you can continue to talk to him:

"I assume you found the tomb without too much trouble. Were you able to take the rubbing as I directed?"
Here's the rubbing from the Othrelas verify it's Othrelas tomb every time Ancestral Tomb.
"The model of Vvardenfell progresses nicely, but we still have a long way to go to fill in all the notable landmarks and uncover the location of the lost Library of Andule."
What happens next?
"This is perfect! What happens next will be simply amazing! Thanks to magic provided by Lord Vivec, I can use this rubbing to not only record the clue provided by the tomb, I can add a new section to our model of the land."
All right, I'm ready.

The world will turn black as Bradyn works his spell. When your vision returns, a new section of the model will appear, based on the landscape surrounding the ancestral tomb. Speak with him again.

"The model of Vvardenfell progresses nicely, but we still have a long way to go to fill in all the notable landmarks and uncover the location of the lost Library of Andule."
How can I help you complete the rest of the model?
"My research indicated that thirty of your most revered families each left a clue to the location of the Library of Andule. Find the remaining twenty-nine, take rubbings, and before long our model will be complete and the location revealed."

Bradyn will then gift you the Explorer's Comfortable Shoes and a leveled amount of gold.

As you collect more rubbings, you may return them to him in the Library. He'll be patiently waiting in the library, admiring his work thus far.

"As you recover more rubbings, return here to me. With every detail we add to our model, the closer we get to discovering the location of the list library! I prepared a list of the tombs you need to find. Refer to the note as you conduct your search."

If you have a new rubbing, you'll have the option to say:

I have a new rubbing for you.
"Wonderful! I'll decipher its portion of the clues and finalize the associated section of the diorama at once!"

The Lost LibraryEdit

When you finally have all 30 rubbings and the model is nearing completion, Bradyn will be overjoyed.

"Our miniature model is nearly complete, my friend! All that remains is a single component - and that's the key to everything!"
Do you know how to find the lost Library of Andule now?
"Indubitably, thanks to your efforts. Every rubbing you brought back not only helped complete the model, but it also provided another clue as to the location of the lost library. What isn't present is they key!"
What do you mean, what isn't present?
"That gap in the model - that's where we'll find the lost Library of Andule! Once you go and locate the exact spot, we can start examining the records related to our earliest Velothi settlers. What do you say? Ready for one more adventure?"
All right. I'll go the location indicated on the model and see what I can find.

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