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The banner of the New Temple

The New Temple is the Dunmer religious body during the Fourth Era that worships the three Good Daedra. They are incorporated as a part of House Indoril, and those who join the Temple are considered to be members of Indoril.[1] Following the disappearance of the Tribunes amidst the Vvardenfell Crisis and Oblivion Crisis, the Temple entered a period of collapse, with some priests and adherents drifting towards the Imperial Cult.[2] After the devastation of the Red Year, the Temple—and, indeed, the Dunmer—entered a period of soul-searching and reorganization, much of which is lost to history.[1][2] Ultimately, as predicted by Vivec, the New Temple returned to the original Dunmer faith: "the worship of our ancestors and the three good daedra, Azura, Mephala and Boethiah".[3] The Tribunes were ultimately demoted to the still-venerated roles of "saints and heroes" to help ease the transition. The New Temple worships the three Good Daedra as "the Reclamations".[1][4]

The rise of the New Temple almost completely vindicated the previously persecuted Ashlanders who had continued to worship the three Daedra throughout the Tribunal's rule. The Ashlanders are now lauded as the keepers of the old ways and having true vision. It is now quite common for many of the Dunmer people to make the arduous pilgrimages into the ash wastes to seek the counsel of the wise women. These women have supposedly opened the eyes of those who they claim were blinded by the Tribunal and directly connect the eruption of the Red Mountain and the Argonian invasion to the anger of the three Daedra.[1]



  • The Tribunal Temple was sometimes synonymously referred to as the New Temple Faith,[5][6][7][8] long before the fall of the Tribunal made "New Temple" the primary name.

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