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Jorunn the Skald-King
ON-npc-Jorunn the Skald-King 02.jpg
Jorunn the Skald-King
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2E 546
Reign 2E 572-
Previous Ruler Nurnhilde
Resided in Windhelm
Appears in ESO

Jorunn the Skald-King was a Nordic High King born to Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair in 2E 546. The twin brother of Fildgor Strong-Prince, Jorunn grew up believing their elder sister Nurnhilde was fated to take the throne, and as such became a singer and did quite a bit of traveling while still uncrowned. He showed rare talent as a bard, highly prized among Nords, and was eventually dubbed the "Skald Prince" of Skyrim. However, his mother and sister were killed in an Akaviri invasion. He led the Nords to victory against the invaders, and took on a new life as High King of Eastern Skyrim.[1] Jorunn's weapon of choice is his battleaxe, Suungir, a legendary item in its own right.[2]


Before Three Banners WarEdit

Vivec's Antlers
High Hrothgar

Jorunn studied at Skald's Retreat on the Isle of Gold outside of Riften, and also spent time in Mournhold, Stormhold, Sutch, and Elinhir. He is even thought to have visited Solitude, then a separate kingdom from Eastern Skyrim, in disguise. He claimed to have no interest in politics, but still became the unofficial leader of the creative community. Though he received little formal schooling in the arts of arms and warfare, traveling across Tamriel was always a dangerous activity and he learned how to handle himself.[1] For example, during a visit to Stormhold with his four companions some time before 2E 572, Jorunn befriended the Argonian Keshu the Black Fin. Soon after, they and her three companions rescued their friend Xocin and other Saxhleel who were taken captive by Dark Elf slavers at a House Dres enclave in Black Marsh.[3][4]

Jorunn was in Riften when the Akaviri of Dir-Kamal assaulted the northeast coast of Skyrim in 2E 572. Jorunn and his closest comrades, the "Pack of Bards", fought their way up the coast to Windhelm, arriving just in time to see its gates breached by the Akaviri. Jorunn hurled himself into the fray, but was unable to prevent the fall of the city and the slaying of his mother and sister, who both went down fighting.[1]

Wounded and devastated, Jorunn barely escaped alive. One legend says he decided to appeal to the Greybeards of High Hrothgar for aid. They taught him a shout to summon a hero from Sovngarde. Using this shout, he summoned Wulfharth the Ash-King to fight at his side, now claiming the title Skald-King.[1] Another account credits Almalexia with summoning the Ash-King.[5] Regardless, Wulfharth and Jorunn rallied the Nords of eastern Skyrim, mustering an army from the Rift and the outer regions of Eastmarch which heavily fortified Riften. Dir-Kamal was convinced to bypass the city and march on Mournhold, assuming that the Nords would be glad to see him go.[1]

That choice was a fatal mistake. Jorunn and Wulfharth led their army in pursuit of the Akaviri force, and a Nordic army entered Morrowind for the first time since the Battle of Red Mountain. The Akaviri army was caught in Stonefalls[6] between the Nords and a Dunmer legion led by Almalexia. On a beach west of Ebonheart, the Battle of Vivec's Antlers took place. Aided by the surprise intervention of a phalanx of Argonian shellbacks led by a trio of battlemages, the coalition broke the Akaviri line and drove them into the sea, where they drowned by the thousands. The Ash King, his purpose fulfilled, returned to Sovngarde.[1]

Following the death of Nurnhilde, Jorunn's twin brother Fildgor claimed the throne first. As a result Jorunn challenged his claim as he did not believe that Fildgor would be a good king. To stave off a war of succession, the two fought in single combat and Fildgor lost, resulting in his exile by Jorunn.[7][8]

Three weeks after the summoning of the Wulfharth, in Windhelm, Jorunn was crowned High King in the throne room of the Palace of Kings.[1]

This allegiance forged in battle was ratified with treaties signed in Ebonheart,[9] resulting in formation of the Ebonheart Pact. Jorunn was chosen as the official leader of the alliance.[10] The Pact struggled to reconcile the desires of three such distinct factions, but was able to stay strong for over a decade due to the need for mutual defense and the camaraderie of brothers-in-arms.[9] Eventually, the Tribunal became aware of dark happenings in Cyrodiil, and called upon its allies to mount a righteous war against the corrupt and disintegrating Empire. Ebonheart Pact joined the Three Banners War.[11]

At some point in his youth,[12] during his travels, Jorunn fathered a son, Irnskar, who later aided him during the Alliance War.[13]

Three Banners WarEdit

The Great Moot
Fildgor Orcthane

In 2E 582, Jorunn's exiled brother Fildgor returned to Skyrim and attempted to take over the kingdom. He orchestrated an assassination attempt and had members of his Stormfist Clan enter the Konunleikar games.[14] Through cheating, they managed to make it to the final event, a fight in Windhelm's Hall of Trials which was attended by Jorunn himself. A Stormfist Clan member, Leimaer the Raven, won the competition by poisoning her opponents. When King Jorunn was about to congratulate her for her victory, she announced Fildgor's return and attacked him. Jorunn's life was saved by the King's Arrow, who attended the event after having uncovered the Stormfists' plot.[15][16][17]

Soon after the failed assassination, King Jorunn planned to gather the Ebonheart Pact again at Fort Amol, to discuss the future of the alliance, as well as, solidify their bond. Fildgor and attempted to foil the meeting. King's Arrow investigated the Stormfist Clan in Fort Amol, as well as, attended to the Pact delegates.[18][19] King's Arrow together with Naryu Virian, a Dunmer agent uncovered the Stormfist's plot to assassinate the King with Daedric poisoning. Although the Stormfist agents were dealt with, King was poisoned. The meeting in Fort Amol was interrupted, and High King Jorunn would be taken to the Ternion Monks of Mistwatch who managed to cure him, with the assistance of a Dreamwalker.[20][21][22]

Soon after King Jorunn recovered he ventured to Skuldafn where he planned to deal with his brother. Fildgor's forces were stationed there. His allies, the Stormfist Clan and the Orc tribes, fortified Skuldafn in preparation for Jorunn's attack.[23][24][25] Fildgor planned to fuse his soul with that of his dead sister Queen Nurnhilde, so that the Crown of Freydis would legitimize his right to rule.To do this, he brought both the Crown and his sister's corpse, which he has stolen from Fort Morvunskar[26][27][28] to Skuldafn, and used his royal blood to enter Sovngarde unhindered. With the support of the Ebonheart Pact, Jorunn successfully stormed the ruins and prevented Fildgor from completing the ritual. Jorunn's agent defeated Fildgor in Sovngarde. It is unknown whether Jorunn sentenced his brother to death for treason or spared him. A Great Moot was then held at the summit of Skuldafn to solidify the Pact.[29]

King Jorunn fighting the Daedra on Stirk
A Ternion high priest performs a healing ritual on King Jorunn

Soon after the Great Moot Jorunn ventured to The Rift.[30] He intervened to stop the Worm Cult and Rageclaw Clan from terrorizing the Hold. Cultists and allied members of a Reachfolk clan under the command of Thallik Wormfather stole the Wuuthrad and planned to raise the ghost of legendary Sinmur. Jorunn rallied his forces to attack Arcwind Point, where Thallik set up his base. Ebonheart Pact's forces interrupted the ritual and killed Thallik, with the aid of the ancient Companions Hakra and Valdur. Unexpectedly, Wuuthrad was shattered in the process and three fragments of the axe were scattered across the Smokefrost Peaks. It later came to light that Thallik didn't die, but instead used the remaining power within Wuthraad to fuse his spirit with Sinmur.[31][32]

With Sinmur reanimated, the giant left Arcwind Point and rampaged east towards Riften. Causing vast damage to the north of the city and the surrounding farmsteads, he continued onwards to the summit of Mount Trolhetta.[33] All the shards were eventually recovered by the King's Arrow for the Ebonheart Pact to be used against Sinmur and the Worm Cult.[34][35][36]

Jorunn, King's Arrow, and a legion of Ebonheart Pact soldiers traveled to the summit of Trolhetta to face Sinmur. Using the shards, the spirit of Sinmur and Thallik was torn asunder and Sinmur was severely weakened. This allowed the Pact to deal the killing blow and finally banish Sinmur.[37][38][39]

Due to the threat caused by the Planemeld a meeting between leaders of alliances was organized on the neutral territory of Stirk. The meeting was facilitated by the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, and aimed to discuss a possible invasion of Coldharbour in response to Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld. Jorunn and two other leaders Emeric and Ayrenn agreed to meet on the neutral territory.[40][41][42]

All three leaders eventually arrived at Stirk. Before an agreement could be reached, Molag Bal sent Daedra to the island to kill the alliance leaders. The attackers were repelled, and the leaders quickly gave their consent for an invasion, having seen the Prince's influence firsthand. A force was then assembled from the ranks of the two guilds, and a portal to Coldharbour was opened on the island.[43]

Dark Heart of SkyrimEdit

Barla of Icereach Coven assassination attempt
King Jorunn arrives at Solitude after the death of Jarl Svargrim
The moot during which the peace between Reachfolk and Nords was signed

Around circa 2E 582 King Jorunn sent an expedition from Windhelm to look into a sudden barrage of storms in the Sea of Ghosts around the isle of Icereach.[44][45] Although initially most of the forces sent by the King Jorunn were met with fierce opposition ultimately the members of Icereach Coven who resided at the island were defeated by combined forces of Lyris Titanbon, the Undaunted guild and the Vestige.[46]

Activities of Icereach Coven drawn Jorunn's attention once again, due to their continued activity in Tamriel. He once again sent Lyris Titanborn to investigate, who assisted by the Vestige managed to find out that the Icereach coven planned their next step in the city of Riften. They ventured to Ratway under the city proper and found out that Coven has allies among Vampires and influence over some Nord merchants as well as that the next step of the Witches is in the Eastmarch[47]. Soon they found out that one of the members of the coven, Sister Balra planned an assassination of King Jorunn and that coven plans to continue their activities in the other part of Skyrim, namely in Haafingar hold. They managed to return to the Palace of the Kings right in time to witness an assault of the Icereach coven forces on the palace and foil Barla's attempted murder, saving King Jorunn.[48]

Ever since this event Jorunn kept an eye on events that were happening in the Western Skyrim.[49][44] Vestige aided Lyris Titanborn once again, this time to help the holds of Western Skyrim against the threats of Grey Host and Icereach Coven. After the actions of the Gray Host were foiled in the Western Kingdom and the treacherous king Svargrim was deposed Jorunn personally traveled to the Solitude to promise to aid the Western Kingdom in rebuilding after the onslaught of the Vampiric forces in the area.[50] Later, when Ard Caddach of Markarth, the leader of Reachfolk announced the moot he visited the city and attended the meeting of local rulers. Together with Ard and Jarl Svana of Solitude, they signed a peace treaty between the Eastern Skyrim, Western Skyrim, and the Reach.[51]

Ascendant OrderEdit

Around circa 2E 582 the humanitarian organization Society of the Steadfast has decided to sponsor peace talks to end the Three Banners War. They invited representatives of Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Mages Guild, and Fighters Guild to the Systres archipelago, where the meeting was planned to be hosted. They devised special medallions that were enchanted to allow the chosen delegates to enter the hidden location where the talks would be held.[52]

Medallions were stolen by the anti-monarchist faction known as Ascendant Order. They also kidnapped the mage responsible for the enchantment of the medallions. Jakarn and his associate, two of the representatives of the Society of the Steadfast recovered the stolen medallions and freed the mage.[53][54][55] They later contacted with a senior member of the organization, Arabelle Davaux who ordered to send the medallions to the leaders of the alliances and independent guilds. Jakarn was responsible for delivering the medalion for the Skald-King.[52] Once one of the medallions was delivered to the representative of the Mages Guild it turned out that the Ascendant Order cursed the medallions to kill the chosen representative on contact. The second of the associates of the Society of the Steadfast ventured to Windhelm to warn the King and prevent him from an untimely demise. The medallion was intercepted before it reached Jorunn and the curse placed on it was dispelled.[56][57]

Although Jorunn was invited to attend the peace talks, he instead sent his son Irnskar, believing that the prince should take on more responsibilities for the Pact. He was also hesitant to stray far from home due to the presence of a woman in his life.[13]


See AlsoEdit

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