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Nix-Hound (Morrowind)

Nix-hounds are medium-sized bloodsucking insectoid predators that are native to Morrowind,[1] as well as having migrated to Solstheim by the Fourth Era as a result of the Red Year.[2] Its cousin, the rogue nix-hound, is larger and much more dangerous.[3]

They are considered distant relatives of nix-oxen and kwama.[4][5] In Tribunal mythology, Nix-Hounds were created by Vivec to hunt Dreughs during a time-lost campaign against the Altmer of the sea.[UOL 1]

Life CycleEdit

When young nix-hounds emerge from their chrysalis, they can immediately drain up to four similar sized prey a day using their proboscis. They have been noted as being very opportunistic whilst searching for food, easily killing small animals and children even whilst at this early development stage.[5] Adult wild nix-hounds are aggressive pack-hunters, with many men and mer meeting their end from an unsuspected ambush. Nix-hounds sustain themselves by draining prey of bodily fluids, leaving behind a 'meat-husk' that other creatures such as alits will eat. Common prey include baby guars, goats, kwama pupae and ash hoppers.[5] In rare cases, large nix-hounds may prey on other, weaker nix-hounds.[6] They spend hours a day grooming themselves with their pedipalps, but can still suffer from pests such as ash mites, which can cause a nix-hound to become extremely aggressive. They are also subject to several diseases, including Rockjoint and Blight, the latter making them stronger and more dangerous to travelers.[1][7]

While usually vicious predators, they are well-known to be affectionate, attentive, and faithful pets that will follow their owners around. They are also commonly used as trackers, watch-hounds, and netch-deflators.[2][5][8] Nix-Hounds were used as war dogs in the House Dagoth chap'thil.[9] Ashlanders use nix-hound parts in a variety of their tribal customs.[6]


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