Lore:Saint Roris the Martyr

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Saint Roris the Martyr
MW-shrine-Saint Roris.png
Saint Roris the Martyr depiction
Race Dunmer Gender Male

Saint Roris the Martyr is the Dunmer Patron of Furnishers and Caravaners. Roris was captured by Argonians before the Arnesian War, where he was tortured by Argonian sorcerers for not renouncing his faith in the Tribunal. His death was the cause of the Arnesian War as the Dunmer wanted justice and vengeance.[1] Roris was later canonized by the Tribunal, and shrines to him could be found in Tribunal temples. Offerings made to Saint Roris would grant 'Roris's Bloom', which would fortify one's health.[2]

Saint Roris's robe was seen as a holy artifact to the Ordinators, and was recovered for them by the Nerevarine in 3E 427.[3]



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