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Skyrim:Lleril Morvayn

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Lleril Morvayn
(RefID: xx01827F)
(lore page)
Added by Dragonborn
Home City Raven Rock
House Morvayn Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 25 Class Warrior
RefID xx01827F BaseID xx01827E
Other Information
Health 380 Magicka 50
Stamina 130
Primary Skills One-handed, Heavy Armor, Archery, Block, Two-handed, Destruction
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction; Raven Rock Morvayn Manor Faction
Lleril Morvayn

Lleril Morvayn is the House Redoran Councilor of Raven Rock and ruler of Solstheim. His actual influence doesn't spread far beyond Raven Rock without the resources of the ebony mine. He took over from his mother, Brara, in 4E 65, and has been described as a fair and compassionate leader. However, a few bad decisions have made him a target for a possible assassination plot, revealed during the quest Served Cold.

He wakes at 6am and has a two-hour breakfast in Morvayn Manor with his friend and Second Councilor of Raven Rock, Adril Arano, and Adril's wife Cindiri. He then moves to his throne and stays there until 7pm, when he eats a two-hour dinner at the nearby table. After drifting around for a bit, he goes to bed in the upstairs bedroom, locking the door behind him.

He wears a set of fine clothes and fine boots and carries the key to the manor, an elven sword, and a selection of upper-class items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


Lleril has various greetings depending on your quest actions. From when you arrive on Solstheim, he may greet you with either:

"Whether you're simply visiting or staying here, I think you'll find our citizens will welcome you with open arms."
"Second Councilor Adrano [sic] can assist you with anything you might need."
"Anything you can contribute to Raven Rock will be greatly appreciated... and rewarded appropriately, of course." (Not completed the quests March of the Dead or The Final Descent)
"On behalf of House Redoran and as Councilor of Raven Rock, I bid you welcome." (Not completed The Final Descent)
"Don't let the state of Raven Rock fool you. Our desire for Raven Rock's return to its former glory is as strong as The Bulwark itself."
"Your contributions have earned you citizenship here, friend. I'll always consider you one of us." (The Final Descent completed)
"Traveling beyond The Bulwark will be much safer as the result of your victory at Fort Frostmoth. Many thanks." (March of the Dead completed)
"I feel I owe you my life for thwarting the House Hlaalu plot to have me assassinated. My deepest thanks." (Served Cold completed)
"The mines are open and the ebony has begun to flow because of your discovery. My eternal gratitude and blessings go with you, friend." (Served Cold completed)

When asked about House Redoran, he will say,

What is House Redoran?
"You've never heard of House Redoran? We're the mightiest of the Great Houses and we lead the Council, the ruling body of Morrowind."
Council? You mean there is no Jarl?
"This isn't Skyrim, outlander. A group of powerful and influential Dunmer families have been ruling Morrowind for millennia. They embody a council made up of five Great Houses: Telvanni, Dres, Indoril, Sadras and Redoran."
But you said Redoran leads the Council.
"Well of course. With four other houses on the Council, someone has to keep the rabble organized. Our house leads the Council by virtue of our preeminence in battle, wisdom, and ancestral glory."
Sounds rather complicated.
"Yes, I imagine it would to someone not of our people. If you're interested in pursuing the subject, help yourself to any of the historical volumes in my library."
How are things now that the mines are open again?
"With the mines open, Raven Rock has become a significant colony of the Dunmer people again. I've been able to convince my superiors at House Redoran to send me the resources they've been denying now that we're deemed more important. Soon, we'll have a steady supply of workers and materials to keep going for years to come."

When exiting conversation with him:

"My doors are open if you wish to discuss matters involving Raven Rock."


You may witness Lleril discussing finances with Adril:

Lleril: "Did you look over next month's expenses? Will we have enough?"
Adril: "No, Councilor. I'm afraid we're going to fall short once again."
Lleril: "Very well, cover the difference from my personal treasury."
Adril: "Your coffers are running low, Councilor. At this rate, your treasury will be empty by next winter."
Lleril: "It doesn't matter, Adril. I'm responsible for those people and I'll make whatever sacrifices are necessary to keep them alive."

They might also discuss current events:

Adril: "Any news from Vvardenfell, Councilor?"
Lleril: "I'm hearing that the Council will be staying in Blacklight permanently."
Adril: "Well of course, now that they're under House Redoran's protection, why would they want to go back to Mournhold?"
Lleril: "My thoughts exactly, my friend."
Lleril: "Has Captain Veleth discovered anything yet?"
Adril: "No, Councilor. He's spoken to everyone in town... twice. If House Hlaalu has a spy in Raven Rock, he's hidden beyond our means to find him."
Lleril: "I understand, Adril. I know you're both doing your best."
Adril: "My primary concern is your safety, Councilor. I give you my word that no harm will befall you while I stand by your side."
Adril: "Councilor, I'm afraid there's been another ash spawn attack at The Bulwark."
Lleril: "As if we didn't have enough to contend with already. How many did we lose this time?"
Adril: "Fortunately, none. Captain Veleth was able to drive them off almost single-handedly."
Lleril: "I don't know what we'd do without him. Send him my thanks."

Adril's wife might also approach him:

Cindiri: "May I have a word with you, Councilor?"
Lleril: "Of course, Cindiri. What troubles you?"
Cindiri: "I was concerned about our food stores. Gjalund can only carry so much on each journey, and I'm afraid we might run out."
Lleril: "I'll speak with Garyn and see if we can't increase the crop production this season. Sorry, Cindiri, I fear we'll be feasting on ash yams a bit more often this year."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit


Do you know someone called Miraak?
"Do I? What a strange thing. It sounds so familiar, and yet I cannot place the name."
Can you tell me anything about him?
"I'm not even sure... I can picture a temple, here on Solstheim. Must've been a bad dream."

Served ColdEdit

Adril: "Excuse me, Councilor Morvayn? I have some wonderful news."
Lleril: "Adril... I haven't seen a smile on your face like that in a long time."
Adril: "This visitor has single-handedly dealt with a threat that could have ended your life. Vendil, Tilisu and Mirri Severin weren't who they appeared to be. I'm afraid they were here to avenge Vilur Ulen's death."
Lleril: "Vendil? But he's done so much for Raven Rock... how could this be possible?"
Adril: "They did it to gain our confidence, councilor. They had us all fooled. I should have been more vigilant. I'm sorry."
Lleril: "Don't say that. It's not your fault, old friend."

You will need to speak to him after this:

"What you've done for me... for all of Raven Rock... goes far beyond what I would have expected from a traveler to our town. For this, you have my deepest gratitude."
Thank you, councilor.
"Now. I'm certain Adril was prepared to reward you appropriately for everything you've done. However, since a bit of coin hardly seems like enough... I've decided to provide something more substantial."
"Since the Severin family... or whoever they were...turned out to be criminals, their property is now forfeit. As Councilor, I hereby award you Severin Manor and everything contained within. You've earned your citizenship here, and I hope you'll consider staying with us as a member of our community."

Combat DialogueEdit

Condition Dialogue
Detecting an enemy "Enough hiding. Come out and face me."
Spotting an enemy "For House Redoran! For honor!" "I'll stain the ash with your blood!"
"I'll not fall to the likes of you!"
Taunting an enemy "Azura take you!" "You'll regret raising a weapon against me!"
"I bring the might of House Redoran upon your head!"
Losing sight of an enemy "Where'd you go?" "Come back and fight me!"
"Show yourself!"
Looking for an enemy "I'll find you eventually." "Going to hide, are you?"
"You can't hide forever."
Giving up the search "Must've run off." "No one here now."
Defeating an enemy "Azura take you."
Accepting a yield "I accept your yield."
Witnesses a crime "How dare you!"
Witnesses a murder "You'll pay dearly for what you've done."


  • Upon death, he was supposed to say, "I join you in death, father..." but since he's always essential this line can never be heard.
    • It's possible that Lleril having this line is a developer oversight, as it's identical to the line used by Vendil Ulen upon his death. Unlike Vendil's, though, Lleril's father didn't play an important role in the story of Raven Rock. It's actually unknown who exactly Lleril's father is, as his mother's original husband passed away years before her moving to the colony, and another husband is never referenced anywhere.
  • In the Prima Official Game Guide, the summary for him reads "Lleril Morvayn is the son of Brara Morvayn, the House Redoran Councilor who settled in Raven Rock after the devastation of Vvardenfell. He took over as councilor from his mother when Brara died early in the Fourth Era. On more than one occasion, attempts on his life have been made by members of House Hlaalu, which has made Ueril quite paranoid. The dire economic and security situation has been weighing heavily on his shoulders."