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Lars Battle-Born, a typical child

Children are young inhabitants of Skyrim that can be found in various places throughout the game world, most commonly in major cities and towns. They are not playable, and they cannot be killed. Only human races (Breton, Nord, Imperial, and Redguard) have children present in the game; no elven or beast races offspring are encountered.


  • Height: 0.8000
  • Weight: 1.0000
  • No added spells or other abilities
  • Cannot be harmed; attacks only cause visual injuries and can make a child flee and also count as an assault
  • Share the same starting skills as their parents


Although children can be interacted with via quests, dialogue, and various games (tag, hide and seek), their most striking feature is that they cannot be harmed or killed. They also cannot be targeted for most other actions, including pickpocketing and feeding. Also, you cannot increase combat or destruction skills by using children as a target. Children will never engage in battle and will always flee at the first sign of a fight, however, if you use the Rage spell on a child they will engage in fighting.

Children are present in the game world for increased realism and immersion but the game developers most likely opted for the "immortal" mechanic in order to avoid any "child-killing" controversy. For this reason, children were not included in either Morrowind or Oblivion (although the idea was brought up for the latter). They were finally featured in Skyrim; though, as stated, they are given special treatment.

List of child NPCs and their locationsEdit

There are a total of 38 children in Skyrim (3 Bretons, 3 Imperials, 3 Redguards and 29 Nords). The Hearthfire add-on adds a total of 4 more children (1 from each of the four mentioned races). The Dragonborn add-on adds 1 more Nord child.

Name Race   Father Mother Home City or Hold AdoptHF Notes
Babette Breton
- - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Falkreath Hold or Dawnstar No Actually a 300 year old vampire
Erith Breton
- Daighre Left Hand Mine Markarth If orphan Her dog Torom will come with her to your house.
Blaise (HF) Breton
- - Katla's Farm Solitude Yes
Clinton Lylvieve Breton
Azzada Lylvieve Michel Lylvieve Lylvieve Family's House Dragon Bridge If orphan
Lucia (HF) Imperial
- - None Whiterun Yes
Mila Valentia Imperial
- Carlotta Valentia Carlotta Valentia's House Whiterun No
Francois Beaufort Imperial
- - Honorhall Orphanage Riften Yes
Samuel Imperial
- - Honorhall Orphanage Riften Yes
Aeta (DB) Nord
Oslaf Finna Oslaf's House Skaal Village If orphan
Agni Nord
Falion (guardian) - Falion's House Morthal No
Britte Nord
Lemkil - Lemkil's Farmhouse Rorikstead If orphan
Dagny Nord
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater - Dragonsreach Whiterun No
Dorthe Nord
Alvor Sigrid Alvor and Sigrid's House Riverwood If orphan
Eirid Nord
Dagur Haran The Frozen Hearth Winterhold If orphan
Fjotra Nord
Enmon Mena Enmon's House, later Temple of Dibella Karthwasten, later Markarth No Never actually seen in Karthwasten. See The Heart of Dibella
Helgi's Ghost Nord
Hroggar - None (burned down in the fire that killed her) Morthal No A ghost. See Laid to Rest
Hrefna Nord
- Tormir Goldenrock Mine Darkwater Crossing If orphan
Minette Vinius Nord
Corpulus Vinius - The Winking Skeever Solitude If orphan
Runa Fair-Shield Nord
- - Honorhall Orphanage Riften Yes
Sissel Nord
Lemkil - Lemkil's Farmhouse Rorikstead If orphan
Sofie (HF) Nord
- - None Windhelm Yes
Svari Nord
Addvar Greta Addvar's House Solitude If orphan See Return to Grace
Assur Nord
Jarl Korir Thaena Jarl's Longhouse Winterhold No
Aventus Aretino Nord
- Naalia Aretino Aretino Residence Windhelm No See Innocence Lost
Bottar Nord
- - Random Encounter Skyrim No
Frodnar Nord
Hod Gerdur Hod and Gerdur's House Riverwood If orphan
Frothar Nord
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater - Dragonsreach Whiterun No
Gralnach Nord
Leifnarr Grosta Heartwood Mill The Rift If orphan
Grimvar Cruel-Sea Nord
Torsten Cruel-Sea Hillevi Cruel-Sea House of Clan Cruel-Sea Windhelm No
Haming Nord
Torolf, later
Froki Whetted-Blade (grandfather)
Matlara Froki's Shack The Rift No
Hroar Nord
- - Honorhall Orphanage Riften Yes
Joric Nord
Aslfur Idgrod Ravencrone Highmoon Hall Morthal No
Knud Nord
Snilling Katla Katla's Farm Solitude If orphan
Lars Battle-Born Nord
Idolaf Battle-Born Alfhild Battle-Born House of Clan Battle-Born Whiterun No See Bullying Braith
Little Pelagius Nord
- - The Mind of a Madman Solitude No See The Mind of Madness
Nelkir Nord
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater - Dragonsreach Whiterun No See The Whispering Door
Skuli Nord
Leontius Salvius (guardian) Eydis Old Hroldan Inn The Reach If orphan See The Ghost of Old Hroldan
Smaref Ice-Blade (CC) Nord
Pjofr Ice-Blade (uncle) - None Riften No See The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Sond Nord
- - Random Encounter Skyrim No
Virkmund Nord
Thonnir Laelette Thonnir's House Morthal No
Adara Redguard
Endon Kerah Endon's House Markarth No
Braith Redguard
Amren Saffir Amren's House Whiterun If orphan See Bullying Braith
Alesan (HF) Redguard
- - None Dawnstar Yes
Kayd Redguard
Beirand Sayma Bits and Pieces Solitude If orphan See Get Outfitted
Deceased (or undead), either initially or as a result of quest events.
"Yes" means they can be adopted immediately. "No" means they can never be adopted. "If orphan" means they can be adopted if their parent(s) are killed. (They will be moved to the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften if this occurs.) Note that some parents may be essential and unkillable until after certain related quests have been completed.


See the Adoption page.


  • In the Creation Kit they are counted as a separate race, similar to how Dremora and the elders are treated.
  • Despite being unkillable, children do have the "zombie grunt" and death sound files typical of humanoid reanimated targets.
  • If you cast a spell near a child, he/she will respond by asking you to make them invisible. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this (as there is no targeted invisibility spell in the game), so they will be disappointed when you refuse, but you can give yourself a spell Fade Other by using the console command: player.addspell 28532
    • You have the option to lie, and then pass a speech check (Lie). They will then begin acting like ghosts and start "finally having fun around here."
  • There are some inconsistencies with the races of the children and their parents. Fjotra, a Nord child, has Breton parents, Enmon and Mena. Minette Vinius, a Nord child, has an Imperial father and an Imperial brother, Corpulus Vinius and Sorex Vinius, respectively. They might be results of an adoption.
  • Adoption was originally developed as part of the Game Jam.
  • Children can not be killed, not even by using the console, they can be disabled however.


  • All children in the game may appear in just their underwear.
  • If you fast travel while playing a game of tag with children, it may cause the children to travel with you and wander off in random directions.
  • Adopted children may disappear temporarily rather than showing up in their respective beds or just stand near their bed. ?
  • Children who interact with certain in-game elements such as forges can scale up to adult size, and then become stuck in this state permanently.