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Skyrim:Jarl's Longhouse (Winterhold)

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Jarl's Longhouse
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Twin Secrets
Grand Staff of Repulsion
Console Location Code(s)
Special Features
# of Stone QuarriesHF 1
The Jarl's Longhouse in Winterhold

Jarl's Longhouse is a large two story house in Winterhold, and the court of the city's Jarl.

It is opposite The Frozen Hearth, and the first house on the left when entering Winterhold from the main road. It is also where the military advisor for the hold resides.


Stormcloak Court Position Imperial Court
Jarl Kraldar
Malur Seloth
Steward Malur Seloth
Housecarl Thonjolf
Kai Wet-Pommel
Military Advisor Legate Sevan Telendas
Name Relationship
Korir and Thaena's son

Related QuestsEdit

Jarl's Longhouse (Winterhold)Edit

The Jarl of Winterhold's Longhouse

There are a couple of snowberry bushes outside, with two chickens scratching in the dirt and a chicken coop around the back of the building containing a single chickens' nest. The entrance leads directly into the main room where the Jarl holds court. There are two round firepits down the middle of the room. The Jarl's throne is at the far end on a raised section. When the Jarl is sitting there, his housecarl stands beside him. There are two round wooden tables and chairs against the side walls both holding a selection of alto wine, wine and goblets. This is where you will often find Malur Seloth. By either side of the throne are low tables with several goblets and jugs on top. There are barrels and sacks throughout the building mostly containing foodstuffs, but some containing ingredients.

There are two flights of stairs, one against the south wall and the other against the north wall leading up to two balconies and bedrooms. Under the south stairs is a doorway into the room used by the military advisor and containing a row of six weapon racks against the north wall, holding a selection of iron weapons and a barrel to the right of them with two potions of minor healing and a potion of plentiful stamina on top. Against the west wall are several bales of straw with practice dummies set up in front. Against the south wall is an owned cot used by the advisor with an unlocked chest to the right and a wall shelf above the chest. On the shelf are four potions of minor healing, two potions of minor magicka and two potions of enhanced stamina. On a raised section in front of the east wall is a long wooden table with a map of the whole of Skyrim showing the progress if any of the civil war.

The Military Advisor's Room

Under the stairs to the north is a door that opens into the Jarl's bedroom which contains a king-sized bed in the center of the room on a raised section. On your left, in the southwest corner are a couple of barrels with a basket on top of one of them containing a copy of the Enchanting skill book Twin Secrets. Further to the right is a large round wooden table with a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine, two goblets and a jug on top. Against the north wall are a row of four wardrobes, the outer ones taller than the middle two, all containing fine clothes. On the smaller ones is a Grand Staff of Repulsion and a copy of Feyfolken III with two wall shelves above holding three petty, a lesser and a common soul gems, all of which are filled. Against the east wall is an unlocked long chest.

The balcony to the south has two round wooden tables and chairs one has a bottle of alto wine and two bottles of Nord mead on top, with a further three bottles of Nord mead on a barrel beside and the other has three more bottles of Nord mead on top. The door to the bedroom is in the middle of the south wall and contains a single owned bed in the southeast corner with a large coin purse and five loose septims on a barrel beside it. Two tall wardrobes containing fine clothes flank the door on the north wall and on the west wall is a set of shelves that hold two bottles of alto wine, four bottles of wine, a bottle of Nord mead, two lockpicks and a medium coin purse, with a chair in the southwest corner.

The balcony to the north has a couple of bales of straw with a round wooden table and chair with a bottle of each alto wine, wine and Nord mead on the table, with a door into Assur's small bedroom. His bedroom contains an owned single bed in the northeastern corner, two wall shelves against the south wall, one either side of the door, holding an apple pie, three loaves of bread, a potion of minor healing, a potion of minor magicka and several red and green apples. Against the west wall is an unlocked long chest, with a chair to the right of it. Finally against the north wall is a small wardrobe with a lockpick and five loose septims on top and containing fine clothes.


  • Despite not being in a closed city, the music that plays inside this Jarl's palace is the same that plays in ones within walled cities, such as Drgonsreach and the Blue Palace.


  • Oddly, since the longhouse is marked as being owned by the Winterhold crime faction, if you help anyone in the hold (including Kjar in Windhelm and ironically enough, anyone from the College), you will be able to take things from the longhouse without it being considered theft.