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Skyrim:Get Outfitted

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Get a free set of Imperial armor.
Quest Giver: General Tullius
Location(s): Castle Dour
Prerequisite Quest: Joining the Legion
Reward: Imperial Armor
ID: CW01AOutfitImperial
"Light, medium, or heavy?"

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to General Tullius after clearing out Fort Hraggstad.
  2. Go to Beirand.
  3. Pick Heavy, Medium, or Light Imperial armor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You're In the Army NowEdit

After successfully clearing the bandits from Fort Hraggstad, your usefulness has been proven to Legate Rikke. Your oath has been sworn; you are officially an Imperial soldier and protector of the Empire. It's time you look the part. General Tullius tells you to go to Beirand, the smith, to get outfitted with your own Imperial armor. Talk to Beirand and choose your preferred weight:

Armor Type Helmet Boots Shield Bracers Armor
Heavy Imperial Helmet Imperial Boots Imperial Shield Imperial Bracers Imperial Armor
Medium Imperial Light Helmet Imperial Light Boots Imperial Shield Imperial Light Bracers Studded Imperial Armor
Light Imperial Light Helmet Imperial Light Boots Imperial Light Shield Imperial Light Bracers Imperial Light Armor

When you are properly outfitted, Beirand will admonish you: "Now, that's it. One free outfit per soldier. You lose that, or get it banged up, you'll need to pay like everyone else."


  • It is not possible to do this quest if you first join the legion by giving the Jagged Crown to General Tullius.
  • Note that the Medium option contains one heavy armor piece (shield) and the rest are light armor pieces.
  • Completing this quest will allow you to adoptHF Kayd if he ever becomes orphaned. In effect, this means Kayd can only be adopted if you choose to first join the Legion (although you can later defect to the Stormcloaks by giving the Jagged Crown to Ulfric).
  • Beirund's inventory will carry less items after this quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Get Outfitted (CW01AOutfitImperial)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 1: Get Imperial gear from Beirand
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