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Skyrim:Goldenrock Mine

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Goldenrock Mine
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Console Location Code(s)
Darkwater Crossing
Special Features
# of Smelters 1
Ore Veins
# of Corundum 4
Goldenrock Mine

Goldenrock Mine is a small corundum mine in southeastern Darkwater Crossing. It contains only one zone, Goldenrock Mine.

It was discovered and established by the adventurer Annekke Crag-Jumper. Verner Rock-Chucker will buy corundum ore from you.


Goldenrock Mine Camp
Derkeethus   *
Sondas Drenim

* Only appears after completing the quest Extracting an Argonian.

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Mine treasure

Around the entrance to the mine are stacks of crates and food sacks that are marked as owned. Among these are four pieces of owned corundum ore. The smelter is a few paces away, with three owned corundum ingots on the ground beside it.

The miners' camp is just outside and to the right of the mine entrance. It consists of a central campfire surrounded by four small tents, three of which contain bed rolls, while the fourth contains a hay pile. Once you are on friendly terms with the settlement, you can use these freely. Eight whole salmon hang on fishing racks behind the tents.

Goldenrock MineEdit

Mine interior

The mine has many pickaxes and shovels lying around. The entrance tunnel descends to the southeast to a T-junction with a corundum ore vein on the ground at the junction and a dead end to the right with a second ore vein. The tunnel continues descending ahead. At the bottom there is a braced section with a bed roll under it along with a couple food barrels; on top of one of the barrels is a copy of the Heavy Armor skill book Chimarvamidium. The tunnel turns to the northeast and opens into a larger cavern with wooden scaffolding around a central rock pillar allowing access to two more ore veins. At the bottom on the left are several food sacks and a random greatsword on a stack of crates. Ascending the ramp leads to the two ore veins on the walls, a small round wooden table with an iron helmet and a woodcutter's axe on top, and an open box holding three bottles of Nord mead.