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Skyrim:Laelette the Vampire

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Laelette the Vampire
(RefID: 000274A1)
Location Morthal
Race Breton Gender Female
Level Radiant (1-48) or (1-60)DG Class Vampire
RefID 000274A1 BaseID 000274A0
Other Information
Health 35-823
Magicka 75-413
Stamina 50-294
Primary Skills Sneak, Conjuration, Light Armor, One-handed
Race Details Vampire, Undead
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleShrill
Faction(s) VampireFaction
Laelette with Dawnguard installed
Laelette without Dawnguard installed

Laelette the Vampire is a Breton vampire you will encounter during Laid to Rest. She is the wife of Thonnir and mother of Virkmund. She is said to have left her family to go join the Stormcloaks. Her son is determined to wait for her return, as it's all he talks about.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Laid to Rest: Investigate a tragic house fire, and discover an insidious plot against the town.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After Jarl Idgrod sends you to inspect the burned down house during Laid to Rest, you'll find Helgi's Ghost who's willing to help you if you play hide and seek with her and "the other one". When you inquire further on this person, she'll only reveal: "I can't tell you. She might hear me. She's so close."

When you enter the small graveyard and approach Helgi's coffin, you may hear Helgi's voice: "Make Laelette go away!"

Laelette will come running up to you and immediately attack. Her stats and inventory are taken from the standard vampire stats.

When you discover Alva's Journal, you'll learn that Alva turned Laelette into a vampire and kept her as her handmaiden. It was Alva that spread the rumor that Laelette had left to join the Stormcloaks, to cover for her disappearance. She told Laelette to kill Hroggar's family and make it look like an accident. To Alva's dismay, Laelette set fire to Hroggar's house with the family still alive. Laelette also tried to turn Helgi into a vampire, but killed the child and left the body to burn. The journal states Laelette became obsessed with the girl after the incident, thinking she could be brought back as a companion.


  • During the quest, it's possible to encounter Laelette non-hostile up the slope from the graveyard near the rocks, invisible and unable to be harmed by melee attacks. She will turn hostile when using spells and may turn visible, and can be killed. This does not change the course of the quest.
  • Her RefID's difficulty modifier is set to "Easy", so for her to be, for example, level 48, you need to be at least three times that, level 144.