Skyrim:Runa Fair-Shield

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Runa Fair-Shield
(RefID: 00019DE8)
Home City Riften
Location Honorhall Orphanage
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 4 Class Child
RefID 00019DE8 BaseID 00013378
Other Information
Health 65 Magicka 0
Stamina 80
Primary Skills Smithing, Two-handed
Race Details Child
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
AdoptHF Yes
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; Honorhall Orphanage Ignore Crime Faction; TownRiftenFaction
Runa Fair-Shield

Runa Fair-Shield is a Nord child, and the only female child in the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. She claims that she is "strong and quick" and willing to do any chore, and will beg you to adopt her whether it is possible for you to do so or not. Like the other children, she is elated at the assassination of Grelod the Kind, and if Hearthfire is installed, she can be adopted afterwards.

She wakes up at 6am and stays inside the orphanage. At 10am, she goes outside to the yard to play with her friends. After one hour, she returns inside and later has a one-hour meal at 3pm, going to bed at 10pm.

She wears child's clothes and a pair of shoes. She carries a selection of food and toys, and a small amount of gold.


When you first enter the orphanage, you can hear Grelod threatening Runa and her friends, Hroar, Samuel, and Francois:

Grelod: "Those who shirk their duties will get an extra beating. Do I make myself clear?"
Orphans: "Yes, Grelod."
Grelod: "And one more thing! I will hear no more talk of adoptions! None of you riff-raff is getting adopted. Ever! Nobody needs you, nobody wants you. That, my darlings, is why you're here. Why you will always be here, until the day you come of age and get thrown into that wide, horrible world. Now, what do you all say?"
Orphans: "We love you, Grelod. Thank you for your kindness."
Grelod: "That's better. Now scurry off, my little guttersnipes."

Her greetings if Grelod is dead:

"I'm strong, and quick, and can do any chore you want. Come on, adopt me. Please?"
"Things are much better now that Grelod is dead, but still. I'm sick of this place."
"Kill one person, and you can solve so many problems. I wonder at the possibilities."

If Grelod is still alive, Runa will also lament on her cruel treatment of the children:

"I'm really afraid of Grelod. When Aventus escaped, she was so mad. I got double the beatings that day."
"I hate it here. Grelod the Kind is the meanest person in all of Skyrim."

Before you meet with Aventus Aretino, she can be asked who he is:

Who is Aventus?
"A little boy who lived here. Aventus Aretino. He was nice, but really quiet, and sad, because his mother just died."

If Grelod is alive, she will continue:

"He ran away. Back home to Windhelm. Samuel told me he's trying to get some murderer people to come here and kill Grelod. I really hope he does."

If Grelod is dead she will instead continue with:

"He ran away. Back home to Windhelm. Samuel told me he was trying to get some murderer people to come here and kill Grelod. Did he really do it?"

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Innocence LostEdit

If you are on your way to kill Grelod on behalf of Aventus, you can also ask Runa about her:

Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
"I hate her. Everyone hates her. She's the meanest person I ever met. Sometimes she even locks us in the... room. Constance tries to stop her, and is real good to us, but it's never enough."

Once Grelod is killed, she will cheer along with her friends, saying:

"Yeah! Get her! Kill her!"
"Aventus really did it! He got the Dark Brotherhood to kill old Grelod! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
"Grelod is dead! Aventus did it! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


When she is speaking to Constance, Grelod will claim that Runa stole from her: "Seven septims are missing from my purse. I know it was Runa. You get those coins back, or by Stendarr, I'll see her rot in the dungeon." Constance will promise to take care of it.