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Skyrim:Goldenhills Plantation

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Goldenhills Plantation
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Added by Farming
# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Whiterun Hold
East of Rorikstead
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Smelters 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
# of OvensHF 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Goldenhills Plantation

Goldenhills Plantation is an abandoned farm east of Rorikstead. The farm is initially haunted, but you will be able to claim it as your own once you've put the spirits to rest. The farm has various exterior construction options, and you can hire a personal steward to manage the farm's production and buy upgrades for the farmhouse interior. You are also able to set any pet capable of combat (with the exceptions of Meeko and Gogh) to guard the farm. Like the steward, these can be swapped out at any time.

The interior of the farmhouse consists of 5 rooms across three floors, including a two-room basement and a large master bedroom/loft.

Goldenhills Plantation ResidentsEdit

Goldenhills Plantation
Jonquil *
Rin *
Urval *
Goldenhills Farm Bunkhouse
Personal Steward

* These ghosts only appear during the quest The Unquiet Dead.
† Two farmhands can be hired during the quest A Farmer's Life For Me. They can later be dismissed. Your Personal Steward can hire 2 Farmhands, or you can hire Angrenor Once-Honored, Brenuin, Embry, or Narfi.
‡ You can appoint one of your followers (see list of those available) or your Spouse as steward to run the farm. They can later be dismissed after completing A Farmer's Life For Me.

Related QuestsEdit

Costs and UpgradesEdit

Goldenhills Plantation
purchased from
Personal Steward Price to purchase home   0
Total cost of all upgrades   4,000 to 4,750
Kitchen furnishings Dining area Alchemy and enchanting lab Loft Master Bedroom Child's Bedroom Library and display room
ID: (FExxx934) ID: (FExxx933) ID: (FExxx932) ID: (FExxx931) ID: (FExxx930) ID: (FExxx945) ID: (FExxx94A)
750 gold 500 gold 1000 gold 500 gold 750 gold 500 gold 750 gold
Cow Goats Chickens
300 gold 200 gold 100 gold
The Child's Bedroom and the Library/Display Room are exclusive, as they occupy the same room. You can switch from the Library/Display Room to the Child's Bedroom for 500 gold. However, once selected, you cannot change the Child's Bedroom to the Library/Display Room.


  • After buying all upgrades, the steward can be fired and rehired as much as you like. An active steward cannot be asked to follow you (as opposed to Hearthfire stewards), so they must be fired to do so. The same is true with the guard pet.
  • Though you can't collect gold while you have no steward, profits will still accumulate over time despite not having a steward assigned. Simply hire a steward to collect all the money.
  • Not all containers can be used as safe storage. The two barrels by the big mead barrel in the cellar (i.e next to the hidden enchanter/alchemy table room), both examples that are NOT safe.
  • Armored Trolls that were told to guard the farm cannot be taken as followers again, once dismissed as a guard, you cannot ask it to follow and you will have to buy a new one.
  • The plantation has a total of 38 plots of Fertile Soil (27 in front of the house, 11 on the side of the house). By building the large planter you gain an additional 6 plots of Fertile Soil, bringing the total of available plots of Fertile Soil to 44.
  • Immediately after you purchase an upgrade, the game will reload as the upgrade is loaded instantly. Dialogue with the steward will be exited automatically.
  • (PC only) If you have bought the children's room addition, and you would rather have the library. You can use use the following 4 commands in the console to fix this; type prid FExxx945 to select the children's room addition, then type disable to remove it. Then type prid FExxx94A this time to select the id of the library addition, and type enable to enable it instead. After disabling the children's room (only) you still won't be able to buy the library upgrade from your steward, so you must enable it manually if you use the first 2 commands alone.
  • (PC only) If you wish to change the shrine in your library, you can first remove your current shrine using the console by typing prid <RefID> then disable, and place the new one by typing prid <RefID> then enable. The RefIDs for the shrines are Akatosh: FExxxD96, Arkay: FExxxD7E, Azura: FExxx8FC, Boethiah: FExxxD94, Dibella: FExxx90C, Julianos: FExxxBFC, Kynareth: FExxxC86, Mara: FExxxC54, Mephala: FExxxBD6, Stendarr: FExxxC51, Talos: FExxxD8F, and Zenithar: FExxxD75.


  • Purchasing the alchemy and enchanting lab and entering the house may crash the game.
    • Purchasing this upgrade last seems to prevent this. If this happens, try to purchase the upgrade, then fast travel away and back before entering the house for the first time.
  • Kids and pets may not recognize the farm as a home. However, Hilda (the pet goat) goes there if the player commands it.
  • If the player leaves after killing the husband and returns at a later time, there is a chance that the ghosts in the house will not spawn, making the quest impossible to complete.
  • Children may freeze in place at the spot they are adopted.
  • If children are adopted before Grelod the kind is killed your child might get stuck at the orphanage. Even if you tell them “it’s time for bed”. They still have all of the regular dialogue they would at your home, however they will not leave the orphanage. ?
  • Once the Dawnguard quest line is started random groups of three vampires will attack the farm. Farm animals including horses will protect the farm. ?
  • Fish Barrels behind the workbench will change anything you put into it into random baskets and junk, use the chest only. ?