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(RefID: xx018FA1)
Added by Dragonborn
Home Town Temple of Miraak
Skaal Village
House Oslaf's House
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 1 Class Dremora Class
RefID xx018FA1 BaseID xx018F99
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes, until completion of At The Summit of Apocrypha
Voice Type MaleCommonerAccented
Faction(s) DLC2PillarBuilderFaction; Actors in this will never fill world interaction aliases; DLC2SkaalDialogueFaction; DLC2SkaalVillageCitizenFaction; DLC2SVOslafsHouseFaction
Oslaf working on the Temple of Miraak

Oslaf is a Nord found laboring at the Temple of Miraak with Yrsa during the quest The Temple of Miraak.

After completing the related quest At The Summit of Apocrypha he can be found living in his house in Skaal Village with his wife and daughter. Even after you liberate him from Miraak's influence, he will not be very friendly to you, stating that you are still an outsider in his eyes.

Related QuestsEdit


When approached he can say:

"The others call you a friend, but I still see an outsider."
"At his age, Tharstan should have known better than to fumble about in dark tombs."
"We'll talk another time, perhaps."
"The Skaal value silence over needless talking."


Oslaf may be seen having some random conversations with his family and other villagers:

Oslaf: "There's a terrible ache in my back today."
Finna: "Complaining to me won't make your pain go away, Oslaf. Go and see Edla, perhaps she has a remedy."
Oslaf: "There's no time for that now, I have work to do."
Finna: "Then get back to it, you lazy horker! The day is wasting."
Oslaf: "Are the potatoes ready for eating? I want to roast them with some onions for the night's meal."
Finna: "Be patient, my husband. The crop doesn't grow faster because it hears your growling stomach."
Oslaf: "Hm, perhaps I'll make an offering to the All-Maker. He can make our potatoes ripen as surely as he makes the snow fall from the sky."
Finna: "I'm sure the All-Maker has more important concerns than your potatoes, Oslaf."
Aeta: "Papa, when can I go on my first hunt?"
Oslaf: "I've told you before, little cub, you're not old enough yet."
Aeta: "I just want to see. I promise not to get in the way of the hunters, and I'm not afraid of the beasts in the forest."
Oslaf: "I have given my answer, little cub. I know you are brave and have the heart of a great she-wolf, but all things have a time and place."
Aeta: "Yes, papa."
Oslaf: "When will you make another snowberry pie, Yrsa? It's been a long time."
Yrsa: "The snowberries are not yet sweet enough. I tasted one just this morning."
Oslaf: "Just make sure that when the berries ripen, you make more pies than you did last time."
Yrsa: "Yes, I remember that you ate one of them all by yourself. Maybe this time, you will leave some for the rest of us!"
Oslaf: "Not if I can help it!"


  • Oslaf has additional dialogue recorded for when you would have freed him from working at the Wind Stone: "Finna? Aeta? Where are my wife and daughter?!", "By the All-Maker, please let my wife and daughter be safe." and "I must get home, outsider." as he returns to the village. However, he won't actually be found at the Stone, as he is forced to work at the Temple of Miraak.