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(RefID: 0001AA68)
Home City Morthal
Location Highmoon Hall
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 6 Class Ranger
RefID 0001AA68 BaseID 000135E7
Other Information
Health 100 Magicka 50
Stamina 75
Primary Skills Light Armor, Archery, Block, One-handed, Two-handed
Morality Any Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleCommander
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHjaalmarch; Imperial Government; Morthal Longhouse Faction; Ruling Government; TownMorthalFaction
Aslfur in Highmoon Hall

Aslfur is a Nord ranger who serves as steward to Idgrod Ravencrone, the Jarl of Hjaalmarch. He is also her husband, and the father of Idgrod the Younger and Joric.

His normal schedule consists of him waking up at 7am, and wandering around Highmoon Hall for most of the day, often warming up by the fire. Then at 7pm, he'll head to Moorside Inn and stay there for four hours. After that, he'll head home and finally go to sleep at midnight. However, if the Stormcloaks take Hjaalmarch, he'll be permanently relocated to the Blue Palace where he'll stay in the basement twenty-four hours a day.

He wears a set of farm clothes and a pair of boots. He is equipped with an iron sword, and a selection of common items and gold.


He seems to be protective of his wife, with his greetings being:

"If you've business with the Jarl, I'd ask that you speak to me first."
"I do what I can to see that Idgrod's time isn't wasted, and that she only has to deal with important matters."
"Too many bother my wife with their petty problems, and then don't even understand the advice she gives them."
"The only thing that matters to me is keeping my wife safe. I won't let anyone harm her."

When spoken to directly:

What was that argument outside the Hall?
"Ah, you saw that, did you? Life in Morthal has been troubled lately. The people are uncertain, restless. They merely look to the Jarl for leadership."
What's going wrong in Morthal?
"There's news of rebellion against the Empire. Strange noises have been heard in the marshes at night. And then, the tragedy with Hroggar's home. The men simply seek wisdom. Everything will be fine."
Morthal seems like a quiet little town.
"That's what many here wanted. A quiet life in a quiet place, without the noise or the trouble of a city. Now some worry this wizard, Falion, will foul it all up."

If he gets forced to the Blue Palace when the Stormcloaks take Hjaalmarch, he'll be disheartened, worriedly saying:

"We're safe here now. But what of Morthal?"
"The Empire brought stability, assurance to the people of Morthal, even if they didn't appreciate it. Now what do they have?"
"I fear for what this change will do to my family."


Morthal's citizens arguing with Aslfur

He can initially be found outside Highmoon Hall having the following argument:

Jorgen: "What's the Jarl going to do about it?"
Thonnir: "How are we supposed to feel safe in our own homes?"
Aslfur: "Please, enough already! I have told Igrod of your concerns. She'll look after you. Please, go back to your business."
Jorgen: "We've no need for wizards in our midst!"
Thonnir: "Morthal has enough problems as it is!"
Jorgen: "Bah, it's no use. Let's get back to it then."

He can often be seen talking to his wife or the local innkeeper, Jonna:

Idgrod: "The people still doubt me, don't they."
Aslfur: "No, not at all. It's just..."
Idgrod: "It does not surprise me. They do not share in what I see, and I cannot explain it to them."
Aslfur: "Just guide them well, and all will work out."
Idgrod: "I have never doubted that, husband."

Aslfur: "Have you made a decision about Falion?"
Idgrod: "What decision is there to be made? I allowed him to live here. I stand by that."
Aslfur: "Yes, but there are concerns. Rumors that he's up to something."
Idgrod: "We are all up to something, my dear. All is as it should be."

Idgrod: "What troubles you, husband?"
Aslfur: "What? Oh, nothing. All is well. It's Joric. I fear his condition is worse. He calls out in his sleep sometimes. I've heard Falion's name. What does it mean?"
Idgrod: "Joric will be what Joric will be. Give it time."
Aslfur: "Still, I fear there is some connection."

Aslfur: "How's business?"
Jonna: "Very funny."
Aslfur: "No, I... I was just asking."
Jonna: "It's as bad as ever."

Jonna: "When are you gonna do somethin' to help Falion? Stop people sayin' things about him?"
Aslfur: "You have to understand, his presence here has caused... Well, it's difficult for the people to get used to."
Jonna: "They got used to Idgrod just fine, didn't they? So what's the difference?"
Aslfur: "Yes, well. Perhaps you're right."


"Aslfur met Idgrod during the time she spent wandering Tamriel. A young warrior then, Aslfur protected Idgrod during her pilgrimage, and the two were married before returning to her home in Morthal. Over the years, Aslfur has served as Idgrod's advisor, and now, in her old age (and some say her insanity), he is more protective than ever."