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Type War Academy
Realm Aurbis
Appears in Battlespire
The Battlespire

The Battlespire, also called the Spire[1], the Celestial Citadel,[2] and known as a void-castle,[UOL 1] is the magical war academy of the Imperial Battlemages, and a testing facility for candidates seeking to join the Imperial Guard. The strongest mages in the Empire reside and train in the Battlespire. It is described as the fortress of all fortresses that encompasses the entirety of a realm, with ramparts that tower over the edges of Oblivion. Beyond them, only the Void.[3] The Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel (not to be confused with regular Imperial Battlemages) is an aristocratic position in which one serves as the advisory head of the Elder Council,[4][5] and it was customary future advisors to be plucked from the administers of Battlespire, who were themselves battlemage classmen.[6]:17

It is possible to access numerous realms of Oblivion from the Battlespire through the use of teleportals and voidgates. The facility is moored in place by five great Anchors, which assure its safety and stability in the surrounding flux.[1] Access to the edifice is granted via a pillar of light on Tamriel, a teleportation device linked to the Weir Gate.[7]

Some sources place the Battlespire in a Slipstream Realm deep in Aetherius,[6]:17 whereas the battlemages state that it intersects with several planes of Oblivion and others place it in Oblivion itself.[8] Visually, the structure appears to be floating above a sea of fog ringed by steep mountains with several celestial bodies in the sky overhead.[7] The inhabitants measure time in "moons" rather than Nirn's days.[9] As the mortal mind can be driven to madness by Oblivion, the Battlespire is useful as it allows the mind to acclimate to the contradictory nature of the outer realms without the same levels of mental strain.[10]


Second EraEdit

The Battlespire surrounded by celestial bodies

The first Imperial College of Battlemages was founded at some point between 1E 243 and 1E 498,[UOL 2] though its connection to the Battlespire is unknown. Although the date of the construction of the Battlespire Academy remains obscure,[10] both the academy and the Weir Gate were known to exist as of 2E 582.[11] The institution was accepting recruits by the time of the Three Banners War in 2E 580.

During the Interregnum, the Spire's council continued to train and dispatch battlemages to preserve parts of the Empire.[12]

The institution was once again accepting recruits by the time of the Third Empire in 2E 864.[13]

Third EraEdit

After numerous failed attempts in the past,[9] the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon succeeded in capturing the Battlespire[8] during the Imperial Simulacrum.[14] Dagon had been instrumental in Jagar Tharn's imposture and assumption of the Imperial throne,[15] a proposition engineered by Dagon's son, Xivilai Moath.[6]:158 In return for his assistance, Tharn gave the Battlespire to the Prince, on the condition that Dagon eliminate Tharn's rival battlemages within.[6]:18 In 3E 398, Mehrunes Dagon collected his prize.[16] The Prince's forces, led by Imago Storm of Clan Dremora, mustered in the Havoc Wellhead, then rampaged through two other planes of Oblivion—the Shade Perilous of Nocturnal[17][18] and the Soul Cairn—before invading the Battlespire itself.[2]

Shade Perilous was home to two Daedra clans, the lordless Seducers and the Nocturnals who had given them refuge. The Nocturnals were imprisoned in their own demense as the Seducers were bent to Dagon's will. However, some Seducers willingly entered his service, and these converts were remade in the image of Dagon's greed and treachery, making them much more powerful—and giving them wings.[19][20] These "Dark Seducers" joined the ranks of the invasion forces, with some being given Daedric Crescents to wield in battle.[7] One Dark Seducer in particular became Mehrunes Dagon's bodyguard and lover, and was entrusted by the Prince with one of his artifacts, the Sword of the Moon Reiver.[21][22]

When after several moons of battle the invading daedric armies of Mehrunes Dagon had nearly wiped out all of the Battlemages, Samar Starlover told the other survivors of his plan to mount Papré and fly to the Imperial Palace on Nirn in order to notify Emperor Uriel Septim VII (although, at the time, Jagar Tharn was impersonating the Emperor and was perfectly aware of the invasion). However, the Daedra had prevented Papré from escaping by sealing the main gate, and presumably killed him. When Starlover fought his way to Papré's lair, all he found was a carcass. Unable to request a rescue force, Starlover gave up hope and took comfort in being "eternally reunited" with his companion in death.[9] Once the Battlespire was taken, the Weir Gate, the portal to Tamriel, was sealed with Dagon's personal warding sigil. This only prevented travel out of the Battlespire, however; it did not keep others from entering in.[14][23][24]

Unaware of these events, a pair of apprentice battlemages, Shadow Legion aspirants, were the last to enter the Battlespire. The first apprentice went ahead, following the invasion force's trail through the Battlespire and then through the Soul Cairn and Shade Perilous. They survived by pretending to be one of Dagon's Daedra, while secretly leaving behind notes and helpful items for the second apprentice, but was ultimately caught and brought to Dagon's hunting lodge before the Prince himself.[17][25][26] The other apprentice entered later, after the fighting had died down, and went in search of the first (and for a way back to Tamriel) by fighting through, bluffing past, and making deals with the various forces, Daedric and otherwise, along the way.[25]

After following the trail back to the Shade Perilous, the apprentice befriended the Nocturnals and freed their leader, Jaciel Morgen.[27] Curiously, Clan Dremora also offered its assistance, for while Mehrunes Dagon had allowed his armies to enter Shade Perilous and use it as a waystation for the assault on the Battlespire, he had not sanctioned its overthrow or occupation. Instead of negotiating for passage or showing restraint, Dagon's protégés and adoptive children, Faydra Shardai of the Fire Daedra clan and Moath of the Frost Daedra clan, decided to crush their long-time enemies, the Nocturnals. The Dremora believed this needed to be undone in order to rectify things.[28]

Mehrunes Dagon (Battlespire)

However, the path from the Shade Perilous led to the Chimera of Desolation, where the apprentice became the hare in a Great Hunt.[29] While the Dremora could offer little help there,[21] the apprentice was able to survive and locate Chimere Graegyn. Chimere drew on his past experience with Mehrunes Dagon to help the apprentice escape the realm, offering up the Savior's Hide, as well as knowledge of the Spear of Bitter Mercy to end the hunt. The most vital information he provided was Dagon's protonymic, which can be used to banish him. However, it is likely that by this time, the Prince had added an unknown neonymic as well.[30][29]

Once through the Chimera, the apprentice wound up in the Havoc Wellhead, and came face to face with Grand Vizier Imago Storm of the Dremora. Storm was of the opinion that with the conquest of the Shade Perilous combined with the taking of the Battlespire, Clan Dagon had "overreached its resources and judgements [sic]". He felt it best if Faydra, Xivilai, and Mehrunes Dagon himself were temporarily removed from the picture so he could restore order and stability to Clan Dagon.[31] Storm then gave the neonymics of all three to the apprentice, as the mortal had little choice but to go along with this plan.[32][23]

Dagon is defeated by the Apprentice

After dealing with the lesser Daedra, the apprentice portaled into the Deadlands near Dagon's hunting lodge, the Prince's personal pleasure palace.[28] According to the Dremora, banishing Mehrunes Dagon required the Armor of the Savior's Hide, his proto- and neonymics, the "aid of absent friends", a bit of hope, and a weapon made from Dagon's own substance, the Sword of the Moon Reiver.[21] This last item was soon taken by force from Dagon's Dark Seducer lover, and the apprentices battled up a mountainside and entered the lodge to face Dagon himself.[25]

Mehrunes Dagon was waiting in his inner sanctum with the first aspirant, who was chained from the ceiling and paralyzed. The Lord of Destruction smugly thanked the mortal for bringing him so many valuable magic items, though he was perturbed that the Savior's Hide prevented the paralytic effect. And more so when the apprentice revealed knowledge of Dagon's nymics. But the Prince remained smug until the apprentice revealed the Moon Reiver, at which point he decided to take action. But in that moment, the apprentice summoned Jaciel to the battle; her sudden appearance momentarily distracted Dagon, giving the apprentice enough time to strike.[25] Dagon was sucked back into the Void, being "compressed into an ever-smaller volume" before vanishing.[6]:180

The Battlespire was partly destroyed during the invasion's aftermath. The Empire reclaimed the ruins,[7] and gathered up all the Daedric Crescents to be destroyed, bar one.[33] These events led to the conclusion that investment into its reconstruction was unwise at that time, due to the installation being a great temptation for Daedra to target and other matters demanding the Empire's resources. Therefore, it was proposed to leave the gates to the Spire sealed indefinitely.[6]:180


A Potential
Clarentavious Valisious

The Battlespire is administered and maintained by five powerful battlemages called the Spire Council, with the five in 3E 398[34] being:

  • Clarentavious Valisious, Venerable Artificer
  • Samar Starlover, Armsmaster, Master of the Serpent Blade and part of an Elite Imperial Dragon mount guard.[UOL 3]
  • Grad Helthen, Spellmaster and Grand Ipsissimus of the dissolving fires.
  • Paxti Bittor, Exalted Summoner and Lion-Lord Invoker Pursuivant.
  • Mactana Greenway, Gatekeeper

Recruits of the Battlespire are known as Potentials and are usually identified as such around the age of 12. These Potentials learn magic, magical and martial warfare, and contemporary studies. Every year there is a Potentials Battle Tourney, where single combat is known to be a part of it.[35]

The Emperor also has a personal liaison to the Battlespire, with the title of this position being the Imperial Secretary. Lomegan Mariel held this position circa 3E 398.[36]

Known battlemages that trained at the Battlespire:

  • Arcem Terastang
  • Cyronin Artellian
  • Kirel Aman, Praeceptor Superior
  • Lucilla Caprenia
  • Martus Tullius
  • Tuscan Daphsir
  • Tutawan Soal
  • Vitellia Laenius[37]

Notable LocationsEdit

The Battlespire consists of many notable locations, with a lot of these relating to the daily function of the college, for example, the High Court Room. The Battlespire also contained a large room for dragons such as Dragonne Papré.

The Star Galley CribEdit

The Star Galley

Aside from the Weir Gate itself, the only access to the colleges was via the Star Galley, a magic boat which could navigate the surrounding environs.[24][38] The vessel was constructed by Battlemage and Artificer Clarentavious Valisious,[39] and was kept in the Star Galley Crib near the Weir Gate, though access was normally restricted.[40]

This section of the facility is also notable for being the home of the gigantic Mock Turtle.

The High Halls and LibrariumEdit

A college library

The upper sections of the Battlespire consist of the war college itself. Here are found dormitories, mess halls, libraries, lecture halls, an infirmary. Other areas found here are the Great Hall, the Conjury Hall and the Summoning Hall.

Of particular importance was the voidgate. This device, powered by artifacts known as voidguides, allowed passage to Oblivion. The Soul Cairn was accessed in this manner during Mehrunes Dagon's invasion, but it is not known which other realms the voidgate was able to reach.[41]

Other RealmsEdit

Several realms of Oblivion were known to be accessible from the Battlespire or from each other. These include the Soul Cairn, Shade Perilous, the Chimera of Desolation, the Havoc Wellhead, and Dagon's Hunting Lodge in the Deadlands.



  • According to The Doors of Oblivion, years after Dagon's invasion was defeated, the mage Morian Zenas and his apprentice attempted to use the remains of the Battlespire to enter Oblivion. They found that although the Weir Gate still stood and the shattered academy remained accessible from Mundus, the link to Oblivion had been broken. However, this is contradicted by the Crafting Motifs series, according to which the two lived in the Second Era. Copies of The Doors of Oblivion were also available at this time, but no mention of the Battlespire was seen within.
  • In the Developer Mod Morrowind Advanced, there exists an Imperial Proving Ground very similar to the Battlespire, in which very similar events to the game take place.

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