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The Nature Realm
Type Plane
Realm Mundus
Appears in ESO
The Nature Realm

The Nature Realm is a realm of Mundus which exists in parallel with the physical realm. It is a realm of animal spirits. The Nature Realm is a mirror image of the physical world, but tinged green. The spirits of physical beings can be seen in the Nature Realm, but cannot be interacted with.[1]

The Glenmoril Wyrd possess the ability to enter the Nature Realm as wolf spirits, and can use this to bypass obstacles in the physical realm.[1]

Circa 2E 582, a hagraven named Uela and her Dark Witnesses occupied Jackdaw Cove, a forest in the Mournoth region of High Rock. Using dark Reachman magic, Uela corrupted the forest, weakening the local Glenmoril wyresses in the process. Uela specialized in utilizing crows as spies and messengers, magically possessing their physical bodies. These crow spirits were helpless and could do nothing but watch from the Nature Realm as she controlled their physical forms.[2] In order to reach Uela and kill her, a Redguard wyress named Rashan guided the Vestige into the Nature Realm in order to commune with the crow spirits and bypass her defenses.[1]


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