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Apprentice Josian Kaid
BS-Josian Kaid.png
Apprentice Josian Kaid captured by Daedra
Race Unknown Gender Male[1][2]
Born 3E 372
Resided in Battlespire
Appears in Battlespire

This article is about the hero. For the constellation, see The Apprentice.

"I banish you, Mehrunes Dagon, Lehkelogah, Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepe, to the Wells of Oblivion." - The Apprentice banishing Mehrunes Dagon from the Battlespire[3]
The Apprentice entering the Pillar of Light

The Apprentice, also known by their full name Josian Kaid,[4][nb 1] (b. 3E 372) was a hero of obscure origins who was sent to the Battlespire in 3E 398 after placing second in the Imperial Martial Arts competition determining the next Imperial Guard candidates to be tested there.[1][5][6] The Apprentice found the citadel captured by the legions of Mehrunes Dagon, and fought an army of Daedra to rescue his fellow trainee, Vatasha Trenell.[7]


  • 1 
    The identity of the Apprentice's companion (and therefore the Apprentice themself) is determined by the gender the player chooses during character creation in Battlespire; Vatasha Trenelle if playing as a man and Josian Kaid if playing as a woman, suggesting either one of them is the Apprentice. The introduction sequence of Battlespire refers to the Apprentice with male pronouns.[1] A summary on the old Bethesda website uses female pronouns for the Apprentice's companion.[2]
  • Divayth Fyr possessed a great variety of artifacts found by the Apprentice in the Battlespire. While Fyr is not the Apprentice, he may have some connection to the hero, and refuses to discuss how the artifacts came into his possession.[8][UOL 1]



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