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This page lists mods that were created by Morrowind's developers.

Plug-in Platform Creator Description
Dwemer RPG PC Gary Noonan This mod adds the use of a Dwemer rocket propelled explosive device and the shells. It works just as if it were a crossbow weapon.
Heads Pack PC Gary Noonan Replaces ALL heads within Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon with user made heads and hair
House Portal PC Gary Noonan Once gaining a stronghold within one of the three Great Houses, you will find an amulet inside allowing for teleportation to the three greatest points on the island. A major help for when you want immediate fast travel.
Morrowind Advanced PC (mirror) Gary Noonan This mod is for TES3: Morrowind AND Tribunal. Additions include: new creature meshes, new armor meshes, new weapon meshes, leveled creature lists additions, new dungeons including the northern undead keep and the Imperial Proving Grounds.