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Lore:Stendarr (planet)

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The names of the heavenly bodies around Nirn

The planet Stendarr, sometimes called THENDR,[1] is one of the Planets in the skies of Mundus,[UOL 1] and according to the Warrior-Poet, Vivec, it is one of the eight worlds known to the Dwemer.[1] Stendarr is Julianos' satellite and is orbiting around it.[2] As with all astral bodies bodies seen in the skies above Nirn and their corresponding deities, the planet Stendarr is believed to be the plane of the god Stendarr as well as the god himself, as seen from the mortal plane. It is said to actually be a different plane of existence in its own right, infinite in size and mass, with its appearance as a sphere being only a visual phenomenon caused by mortal mental stress.[UOL 1]


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