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Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
Demonym(s) Fargravian
Appears in ESO
View of Fargrave's city district from the outskirts

Fargrave, also known as the Celestial Palanquin, is an obscure demiplane of Oblivion,[1] functioning as a crossroads where the paths through Oblivion become easier to navigate. With no prince to rule, the accords that make it harder for other realms to connect to Nirn do not apply, making it a convenient way station between Nirn and the rest of Oblivion.[2] In appearance, it is a large desert wasteland filled with gargantuan skeletons and surrounded by an auroral sky.

Daedra and mortals alike can be found here, engaging in trade on a planar level. The inhabitants prefer their privacy, and as such not many in the mortal world are aware of its existence. Through the use of relics such as portal keys, one can move through Fargrave with impunity to reach Nirn and Oblivion.[2]


Grasp-Kyn Xar

Fargrave is a neutral ground between the mortal plane, Oblivion, and its many inhabitants, and it has maintained its existence for years because of an ancient Daedric compact called the Stricture. It is because of the Stricture that daedra are not eating, killing, or torturing each other but instead, engaging in trading and co-existing with one another. In one way or another, the neutrality of the Stricture also extends to mortals, which is why they also live in Fargrave. Because the compact is binding and absolute, any daedra that enters Fargrave cannot violate it but there are exceptions to the rule. To maintain the Stricture and its conduct, the realm is overseen by a body of daedric arbiters called the Grasp of the Stricture. The Grasp has a lot of power over the people and can use any kind of force on mortals if they threaten the peace, at least how they can interpret it.[3]


At some point in 1E 1261, one of the most influential trading houses of Tamriel at the time, House Hexos discovered Fargrave. One of its members, Astia Hexos wrote a report to Hexos elders about the benefits of moving their enterprise to the realm. She made the suggestion to form a connection with Madam Whim, a Dark Seducer of high regard throughout Fargrave.[4] The exact details of this deal are currently unknown, but suffice to say, House Hexos has since lost all claim on Tamriel while having become a powerful organization in Fargrave.[5]

In 2E 582, Celdina attempted to activate a Cataclyst in the realm until her plans were thwarted by the Vestige.[6]

Notable LocationsEdit

Fargrave City District
The main center of commerce in Fargrave. It contains the Plaza of Portals, a planar crossroad to the realms of Oblivion.
Lucent Citadel
A large, gleaming compound in the Fargrave wastelands. What lies inside it is the subject of many rumors and tales
The Shambles
The northern, derelict section of the city district. It is the home of several gangs and others beyond the Grasp's jurisdiction.
Waking Flame Conclave
In the mid-Second Era, the Order of the Waking Flame used this cave as a hideout in Fargrave, as well as a testing site for a cataclyst.


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